"Do not take this, take something else."

Translation:Nie bierz tego, weź coś innego.

January 13, 2016

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Why are two different verbs used when the same verb is being conveyed in this sentence? bierz and wez


In imperative, the negative sentences almost always use an imperfective verb ('don't do it at all'), while the positive ones use a perfective one (do it succesfully and completely). That's why it looks like that.


I didn't believe this at first, but my Polish wife definitely agrees.


This is an example of two irregular verbs (there aren't actually that many of them). „Brać” is the imperfective verb, but its perfective equivalent is „wziąć”. They also have some exceptions in conjugation.

For a full list of irregular verbs see https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/Aneks:J%C4%99zyk_polski_-_czasowniki_nieregularne


You have excelled yourselves . =You have the same word twice in the same sentence and completely different translations


Yes, this is a good example to show how it works: you have an imperfective one in the negative clause (do not do it at all), and a perfective one in the positive clause (do it once, 'succesfully').


why do I have to use a different verb on the second part of the sentence? (bierz x wez)


I think the system accepts "Nie bierzcie tego weź coś innego"... which i assume is wrong.. I appreciate there is no difference in English for the "You" but in Polish there is.. and verb changes accordingly. Dzięki!


You're right, it was accepted and it doesn't make much sense. Removed now, thanks for reporting it.


No worries ! Thanks for taking it in consideration


How would the sentence look if it were in the singular rather than the plural?


What you see here at the top is the singular version. The plural version is "Nie bierzcie tego, weźcie coś innego".


Well, technically we can't be sure that we all see the same version at the top. So just in case, the singular is: "Nie bierz tego, weź coś innego".


Thanks for this very helpful


Nie zabieraj tego, zabierz coś innego

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