"I am buying clothes."

Translation:Ja kupuję ubrania.

January 13, 2016

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Hello, Thanks for this great platform, how do you distinguish between I am doing something vs I do something, like ja robię, it states it can mean both I am doing/making and I make. Also when in a conversation do you think you will still be understood if you use the wrong case on occassion for a noun? Thank You Very Much.


I'm confused between ubrania and ubranie. Can anyone help?

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ubranie is clothes worn by a single person, or that has been worn by a single person. I'm wearing clothes – Noszę ubranie.

ubrania is plural of ubranie, and it can refer to clothes worn by multiple people, multiple sets of clothes belonging to one person, or to clothes in general. You can use also odzież.

If the original sentence was "Kupuję ubranie", that would mean that the speaker is buying exactly one set of clothing.


Thanks Vytah and Mixhal. And am I right that the ending for neuter nouns doesn't when it's the object, ie accusative? Come to think of it, is "ubranie" neuter?!

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Yes and yes.


ubranie [singular]

ubrania [plural]


How would you say "I bought clothes"

  • Kupiłem ubrania - in case you're a man
  • Kupiłam ubrania - in case you're a woman
  • Kupiłom ubrania - in case you're a fictional anthropomorphised non-human character whose name suggests neuter grammatical gender.
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