"Chłopcy potrzebują koszuli."

Translation:The boys need a shirt.

January 13, 2016

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Why not 'Chłopcy potrzebują koszulę'? Koszula is feminine so in this case (Acc.) I think that 'a' should be transformed into 'ę'.


"Potrzebować" is used with Genitive not with Accusative.

koszula {Nominative] -> koszuli [Genitive]


Dzieki! Are there any other verbs followed by Genitive instead of Accusative? Of course in the case: verb + direct object (and excluding negations)


"słuchać", "szukać" and some other but I don't remember.

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What exactly does this mean? there are two boys, and they both need a shirt?
there are two boys, and they need one shirt among them?
* both of the above?


Semantically it means that they need one shirt for both, although pragmatically, I think that it could be understood that they both need a shirt each. But it's not technically a translation. So yeah, the sentence is a bit weird.


"The sentence is a bit weird." - Jellei

A bit weird? The sentence is very weird. I automatically imagine an underfinanced orphanage where the boys share shirts, and the number of clean shirts is one less than the number of boys...


You are right. I removed the sentence and added "Chłopcy potrzebują koszul." instead.

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