Hi there. I'm hoping someone can please tell me how to see the activity (total XP) for all students in all classes for a given time period . It used to be possible to compare all students and I found it very useful... Thanks!

January 13, 2016


Hi rebeccaellner,

sorry, I don't have the answer. However, this seems to be a question about thus could you move your question to the "Educators" forum (edit your post and choose (top-left corner) the "Educators" forum). Thanks.

I'm moving it there so we can take a look. Thanks, jrikhal! :)

Hi there! You can only see it for each class - if you go into a specific classroom and then select 'more details' in the upper right you'll be able to select activity details and the timeframe for one class. We'll take this feedback to the team! How have you been using Duolingo in your classroom or to assess student progress? Interested in hearing more.

Hi and thanks for the response.This is my second year using duolingo in the classroom and I love it. However, I used to be able to compare all of my students together. This was a great feature because I posted a daily leader board showing the top users per week for all classes as well as the top users for each individual class. It was a good incentive because students would compete against friends in other classes. I hope that feature can be added back in! Thanks!

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