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"The population increased a lot in the last century."

Translation:Geçen asırda nüfus çok arttı.

January 13, 2016



When do I use the locative for those sentences, and when do I not?

Here it is "geçen asırda", in the other sentence about the good students it was "geçen yıl" (and not yılda).


I think it is very similar to English from this aspect. You can say last year in English as well as you can say 'geçen sene' in Turkish.

I would say -de/-da is half-optional with time adverbs. So I mean the more common the expression the less common -de/-da. Also the formal/scientific/business/serious language usually requires you to use it. So geçen ayda (in the last month) sounds more formal than geçen ay (last month)


So geçen is the word for last. Could anyone tell me what the word for next is?


Okay, same as "future" then :) Thanks!


Is "son asırda' wrong?

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