"I do not understand postmodernism."

Translation:Я не розумію постмодернизм.

January 14, 2016



постмодернізм, but not постмодернизм. Я не розумію (кого, чого?) постмодернізму

August 24, 2016


Why "Я не розумію постмодернізмУ" is not right? In genetive case word "постмодернізм" is changed to "постмодернізмУ".

January 14, 2016

[deactivated user]

    It is right. It's just not accepted in this course.

    And the team has been really inactive with fixing the reported bugs, from what I can see. :( Let's hope they'll find more time to look into this.

    January 14, 2016
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