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"Die internationalen Schulen sind interessant."

Translation:The international schools are interesting.

January 14, 2016



I was going to type that, then scrolled down and found your comment.


Naja, wenn der Lehrer ist eine grüne Eule...


That would be really cool if there were a school were the majority of the students were international


I went to one as a child. Its name, fittingly enough, was International School of Hamburg.

Many children of businessmen who were posted to Germany for work, or diplomats, but also just random expats.


There are! I know some kids who go to one here in England. Most teaching can be in French, German, or English, and the pupils also get instruction in their native language. The school teaches to the European Baccalaureate, rather than English GCSEs and A-Levels.

As with what Mizinamo said, most pupils were children of people who did some kind of international work, but there were others too.


Yes, I had a friend who went to one - her parents didn't do any international work.


There are two schools in my city like that: AWTY International and the British School. Most of the kids at AWTY are French and you can guess the dominant nationality at the British School. Both have IB Diploma Programs.


I went to one in China for a few years, british international school of beijing. Among many international students, there were many Germans there and started upon this language journey


Die internationale Schulen sind für reichen Kinder.


I wasn't sue if he was saying "schools" or "students" so i listened to the slow version, where it sounds like "shoes"


Why not "foreign" instead of "international"?


I got this one on a 'Practice your pronunciation' exercise, I passed but yeah it was fun trying to make sure I said it correctly.

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