"Please, no!"

Translation:Proszę, nie!

January 14, 2016

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Thanks Duolingo, I have satisfied the "Beg for your life in ____" meme for Polish.


From what i know, "Nie, prosze!" is also accepted.


from what i know, you are correct


What's wrong with "Nie, proszę" ?


Generally nothing, but there's no reason to reverse the order of the clauses here and actually it seems that your report is the first (!) such report.


Ugh no I accidently clicked too soon. The struggle is realz -_-


Poproszę doesn't work here?


"poproszę" is technically a future form of "proszę" (so "I will ask for"), but it's mostly used for "please" when you ask for something in a shop or in a restaurant. It won't work here, where it's a completely different meaning of "please".

You can always go with just "proszę", but "poproszę" sounds to me a bit more formal and more polite.


Thank you. It is good to redo even the earliest lessons, because you can always learn something new from them :)


That's what I'm doing right now!! :))

Revisiting old lessons and a) laughing at things which I used to struggle with which I now don't even notice anymore cos they've become so ingrained in my mind and 'simple' now, and b) reading comments to see the sort of questions beginners ask or frustrations they have, as this helps to revisit reasons/explanations of the things that I dont think about now

Also can pick up new info, like your comment about 'poproszę'.

Maybe you, or Jellei, can answer the difference in the way to use Poproszę and Chciałbym.

He said above that 'poproszę' is the future tense of proszę. So what about Chciałbym?


"Chciałbym" is: a form of "chcieć" (to want), to be exact it's 1st person singular conditional mood, spoken by a man (a woman would say "chciałabym").

So let's say "Chciałbym być astronautą" means "I would like to be an astronaut" (because somehow English says "I would like" rather than "I would want" for that. Please remember about that and not translate "I would like" literally to "lubiłbym").

Now that you put it in the context next to "poproszę"... I don't think it's a good idea to use it here. What I mean is that saying "Chciałbym frytki" (I would like fries) to the waiter isn't really different from saying it to your friend. It just says that you would like to eat some fries, it isn't by itself a way of ordering fries - although it would almost certainly be understood this way and you'd receive them. I hope that what I'm saying makes some sense :)


Fully understood. Thanks.

By the way, when you said "chciałbym być astronautą", I am wondering if "Chcę być astronautą" is very different?

I mean in English it definitely is... I want to be/I would want to be/I wanted to be/I would have wanted to be/I used to want to be/I had wanted to be.... Etc

Many variations and all have different flavours if not meanings.

But wonder what difference chciałbym byc astronautą has with chcę być astroanutą.

Cos so far I've seen that polish has less options about stuff than English (eg I drink coffee, I am drinking coffee... All depends on context in polish)

I remember here in London when I first used to speak to Polish people, they used to say things like (eg.) "no we are not cooking this dish" or "we are not drinking coffee" or "we are not watching TV" and I used to think... "Huh? But I know you're not cooking. You're standing right here in the middle of the street!!"

Lol. Now it makes sense. Haha. Polish uses the same phrase for I don't cook and I am not cooking.

But anyway, I'm not gonna order coffee or food with chciałbym then... Will stick to poproszę :))



Yes, such mistakes probably come from the fact that to a Polish person, that's the same person. Similarly it's difficult for us to figure out the articles, as it's something that we don't have.

About "chcę/chciałbym": I feel like both in English and in Polish the conditional mood can simply be considered more polite. Other than that, the meaning seems to me to be exactly the same. Of course on Duolingo we'd consider those sentences too different due to the different grammatical mood ;)


In what context can you use this?


Any "Please, don't do that!" one, I guess. The phrase sounds kinda worrying, as if someone wanted to hurt you :|


I really struggle with the word nie. I listen over again and hear it different each time. Is it near, neer, neeye nneye...


"nye" would be closest, I guess. "nyeh", maybe? with a silent 'h', but maybe the h will make it easier to see.

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