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Students cheating on Duolingo

Hi, everybody! Duolingo is an excellent tool I am using in my class, but I was dissapointed by discovering that some of my students are cheating on it and gain a lot of XP without really doing the exercises. Is it possible to find a technical solution for them not to cheat? Thank you!

January 14, 2016



Hello, are you using Duolingo for Schools? I am moving this conversation to the Educator's forum. :]

We are aware of the cheating and it will end.

[deactivated user]

    I <3 that picture! So cute :)


    Are they doing translations in the Immersion section?


    I think it is when they turn the Wifi connection off, and then whatever they type will be correct. They then reconnect after they finish the lesson.


    They are only cheating themselves. Test them on what they have learned:) You will know who cheats and who doesn't:)

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