"We know this boy."

Translation:Znamy tego chłopca.

January 14, 2016

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Ok so let me make sure i understand.

"We know this boy" This boy is acusitive because its the direct object, So i can teat which endings to use by asking " we know what? This boy. So pick the appropriate ending, right? Znamy tego chłopca

"You are a boy" jesteś chłopcem. (Ending changes again cause accusitive?)

"This boy drinks juice" Ten Chłopiec pije sok. Uses ten chłopiec because he is who the sentence is talking about and nothing is happening to this boy, so it uses the "instrumental" cases of ten and chłopiec because the sentence is about what the boy is doing, correct?

I have a hard time understanding when people try to explain using terms like genitive, accusitive etc because ot just goes over my head. So im making sure i understand it in simple terms.


This is nearly right, but "You are a boy" -> " Jesteś chłopcem", and the ending change here is Instrumental, not Accusative.

Also, in "This boy drinks juice", we have Nominative@, as the boy is the subject of a verb.

@ The dictionary form.


Meaning belonging to the "grouping of all male boys" therefore plural-grouping


I wonder what you mean here; there are no plurals involved, only singular.


I think this is right. I am having the same issue. Tbh, I'm replying here to be notified if you get an answer.


Do you love this child--Kochasz to dziecko. Oh...answered this. Chłopca is masculine. Hence tego.


why not chłopiec?


You need accusative after "znam" . Boy is masculine animated so Genitive=Accusative.


Thanks for helping me pinpoint the exact moment my brain receded into a dark corner and decided to rock itself back and forth mumbling comforting phrases to itself.


Tell* sorry for the typo. Theres no way to edit it in the app.


What is tamtego not accepted but tego was? I thought they both meant the same thing.. I'm so confused ha


Why* sorry. I meant why is tamtego wrong but tego is right?


The short answer would be that "tamten" means "that" and "ten" means "this", although "that" can be "ten" too.

For a much more complete answer, take a look at https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26090156

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