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"The Moon is smaller than the Sun."

Translation:Ay, Güneş'ten daha küçüktür.

January 14, 2016



Why is "Güneş'ten" written with a big "G" ? Is it always this way for sun and moon?


Why is: "Güneş'ten ay daha küçüktür" incorrect. And why "Dunya ay'dan daha buyuktur" correct?


The thing you are comparing to always comes after the subject :)

And the latter is a correct sentence, but not for this sentence. That would be "The Earth is biggest that the Moon." :)


why is there a coma after Ay?


A comma can be used in Turkish to mark the subject of a sentence. You will often see this if a subject is many-words-long or far from the main predicate/verb, or if it is useful to make clear that it is not grammatically connected to the next word.

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