"I am trying to clean here."

Translation:Próbuję tutaj sprzątać.

January 14, 2016

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probuje sprzatac tutaj - what is the difference ?


Indeed, I need clarification. I thought it was best not to split up the verb phrase.


Putting "tutaj" at the end gives a strong, often unusual emphasis on "here". Putting "tu" at the end sounds rather clumsy, but I guess it's not technically wrong. Better go with "tutaj", as it's more accented.

Anyway, added. It's maybe not the most natural option, but it's definitely a possibility.


Thanks, I think I understand - or rather, feel the difference. I guess the reason that I don't automatically feel the emphasis on "here" when it comes at the end of the English sentence is simply because it can't go anywhere else. Nice.

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