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  5. "I drink water in June."

"I drink water in June."

Translation:W czerwcu piję wodę.

January 14, 2016



And beer in all the other months.


But not in July!


Is the word order of "Ja pije wodę w czerwcu." wrong, or what makes this translation unacceptible?


Ja piję wodę w czerwcu is grammatically correct, but doesn't sound natural. Skip "ja" whenever you can.


In your sentence there is a strong accent on JA. and a bit on W CZERWCU Which in turn makes this sentence seem like YOU, drink water (only) in JULY.


i think such a sentence is ridiculous even in original, regardless of the order. Why, if I drink water for the whole year, would I tell that I drink it in particlular month?! Maybe, it's a language course for aliens (from other planets).


How about we have some fun while learning another language? Is that so bad?


Czerwcu, czerwca, czerwiec. Why three words for this? What's wrong with using czerwiec?


It's the wrong grammatical case. "w" meaning "in" takes the Locative case.

English almost doesn't have cases, but then you can have "he" and "him", which mean exactly the same, yet "Him likes me" nor "I like he" make any sense.

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