"Women's clothing"

Translation:Abbigliamento donna

January 13, 2013

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Why is it "donna" and not "donne"? It's it women's clothing, rather than woman's clothing?


Apparently this is idiomatic usage. They also say "abbigliamento uomo" for men's clothing.


I agree. Also it is a possessive. Seems like it should be "delle donne." If this is an idiom we should have been let in on the secret!


my theory is: "donna" is working like a noun-turned-adjective here, as in "feminine clothes". because "abbilgiamento" is singular, "donna" remains singular. it doesn't become "donno" to agree because "donno" is not a word.


I have the same question as the previous post.


It is confusing....women's is plural possessive which I translated as "Abbigliamento delle donne".......clothing of the women. I just don't see "clothing woman" as answering the translation. What is one heart in the grand scheme of things?


Why cant we use "vestiti" when it also means clothes??


In my opinion, it's because "vestiti" are the pieces of clothing, the real and touchable clothes made of fabric. As for the "abbigliamento", it means the clothing, the articles of clothing, the imaginary and not touchable kinds of clothing that people draw or talk about. If you are near some skirts and dresses, you can say that those "vestiti" are "abbigliamento donna".


I agree with Ali.Rafiei. It said Abbigliamento donna - woman clothing, so I entered Abbigliamento donna, not donne


There is also a word approx. femminile which I thought would be a better adjective.


Abiti da donna deve essere accettato!


Regardless of the logic, I think I've seen signs that say abbigliamento donna for the women's clothing department in stores and also in magazines.

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