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  5. "Możesz wyłączyć komputer?"

"Możesz wyłączyć komputer?"

Translation:Can you turn off the computer?

January 14, 2016



"Can you turn the computer off" why does not fit?


"Can you turn the computer off" is perfectly acceptable "!


It sure is. Added now.


OK, added.


Already accepted.....


I know it's not a literal translation but in british english we would probably say

Could you turn the computer off.

And to be totally pedantic and knowing that ..

Can you turn off the computer is nowadays sometimes used....

Can you turn off the computer is a question.

Could you is also wrong but more likely to be used as could you is also a question

The most correct form would be

Would you turn of the computer

I know that you will probably say that would is the past tense of will

But would and could are not so simple in use. They are also used as a polite way of requesting something not as overly polite as for instance

Czy mógłbyś....

Just everyday normal polite like możesz


I couldn't agree more, American usage is the same. Many have forgotten how to speak their own language. Sad really


My experience of American usage veers more towards: "Hey! Djou wanna turn off the computer?" :-) .


Why not: "Could you switch off the computer"? It's not asking whether you are capable of doing this.


Is it like the "- Can I go to the bathroom? - I don't know, can you?" joke? Besides, you could interpret the Polish sentence as 'being capable' as well.

We reserve "could" ,as the more polite conditional mood, for "mógłbyś/mogłabyś/moglibyście/mogłybyście".

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