"A fork fell off the table."

Translation:Widelec spadł ze stołu.

January 14, 2016

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    What's the difference between "padać/paść" and "spadać/spaść"? Could you also say "Widelec padł ze stołu"?


    Not really.

    "spadać" is the basic, literal word. Something was placed somewhere high (like, let's say, on a shelf) and it fell from it.

    "padać" is used with rain/snow/etc. ("Pada deszcz" = "It's raining", but literally "The rain is falling"), and it can be used in some more... poetic contexts, like "Żołnierz, ranny, padł na ziemię" (The soldier, wounded, fell on the ground).

    There's also "upaść". This one also works for people falling on the ground, just less poetic, it's also for contexts like "The city has fallen", and for when you drop something on the floor ("Upadł mi widelec" = "My fork fell"). The last one could use "spaść" as well, though.


    Didn't quite get the difference betweel spadł i upadł. Also can "upadł" be used here?


    The nuances may be quite small here. Generally the first meaning of "spaść" should be "to fall down from somewhere above" (so exactly "from the table to the floor") and "upaść" would be to change one's position from standing to lying, from vertical to horizontal. But it also can work for the 'fall down from somewhere' interpretation. They feel a little bit different to me in that context but I don't think I can pinpoint the issue.

    The corpus search for "upaść na podłogę" gives a lot of results for people falling on the floor, but also numerous results for objects. Which means that it can work here. Added now.


    I put "spadł widelec ze stołu" for fun, does that order not work?


    In my opinion, this sounds like a verse from a poem for children. Technically nothing is wrong here, but it's not a common word order, you'd need some context to justify using it.


    Ex. Spadł widelec ze stołu i pomyślał sobie, teraz (skoro jestem na podłodze) mogę pójść na spacer. A fork fell of the table and (he) thought, now (since I am on the floor) I can go for a walk.

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