"Lubię spędzać z tobą czas."

Translation:I like to spend time with you.

January 14, 2016

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The audio sounds like "tchaz"...


True. But audio is disabled, it won't come as a listening exercise. At least that.


Would the verbal noun construction work here? I thought "I like spending time with you" would be "lubię spędzanie z tobą czas"? To me, "lubię spędzać z tobą czas" translates to " I like TO SPEND time with you".

I know there is little to no difference between the two in English, but verbal nouns are used in Polish when we use such sentence structures.


"I like to spend time with you" works here.

"Lubię spędzanie czasu z tobą/z tobą czasu" would feel weird to my ear, although I can't say that it's wrong...


Given the philosophy I've seen mentioned many times in this forum that you want the English to match as closely as possible to the Polish, as long as it's valid English, I would not mark the version with the gerund as a primary answer, even though Google Translate translates "spending time" as "spędzanie czasu", but "I like spending time" as "Lubię spędzać czasu". :-)


OK, I guess we can make "to spend" the main answer :)


Is there any particular reason why it's not "Lubię spędzać czas z tobą"?


It should be accepted. Pronouns (z tobą) are usually not put at the end of a sentence in Polish unless they are stressed, so the moderators do not usually include them in the solutions, but I think this is an instance where emphatic word order would be possible and should be accepted.


Yes, I agree. And in fact it's already accepted.

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