"O gato"

Translation:The cat

January 14, 2016



Can you also say "a gata" to talk about a female cat?


Yes. There is a short list of male/female animal names here: http://www.grammarnet.com/ghtml/ngender.htm


The site doesn't work. It displays a blank page. Thank you anyways! I envy you for your huge streak!


Weird. Anyway, this is the list from that page:

  • billy goat, nanny goat --- bode, cabra
  • pig, sow --- porco, porca
  • buck, doe --- gamo, gama
  • bull, cow --- touro, vaca
  • bull elephant, cow elephant --- elefante-macho, elefante-fêmea
  • bull whale, cow whale --- baleia-macho, baleia-fêmea
  • cock/rooster, hen --- galo, galinha
  • colt, filly --- potro, potra
  • dog, ❤❤❤❤❤ --- cão, cadela
  • dog otter, ❤❤❤❤❤ otter --- lontra-macho, lontra-fêmea
  • drake, duck --- pato, pata
  • fox, vixen --- raposa, raposa-fêmea
  • gander, goose --- ganso-macho, ganso
  • ram, ewe --- carneiro, ovelha
  • stallion, mare --- garanhão, égua
  • tomcat, cat --- gato, gata


Oh, thank you for taking the time to write this! This list will certainly help me learn more of the portuguese translations for different animals!


Is O pronounced "oh" or "ooh"? I keep hearing it pronounced differently.

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