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"Вона любить грати у теніс з подругою."

Translation:She likes to play tennis with her friend.

January 14, 2016



I input "She like to play tennis with a female friend" and was marked as INCORRECT. HOw can this possibly be incorrect? Is is because I used "a female" rather than "her"? In previous lessons I have learned that the подруга is the word for "female friend" and друг is for friend (male or mixed). In order for the requirement of the personal possessive pronoun her to warrant being in the correct solution the sentence should end "з її подрурою".


I input "She likes to play tennis with a friend." and was marked incorrect. Why was this wrong ?


Їй подобається грати в теніс з її другом.


What would be the translation for "... with friends"?

[deactivated user]

    «З дру́зями». Or «з по́другами» if the group only consists of female friends.


    She likes to play tennis with a friend is equally correct!


    I get that they don't want to introduce possessive pronouns in instrumental case just yet, but nowhere in this sentence does it say her friend. I was counted as incorrect for saying "She likes to play tennis with friend" which is frustrating because that's what it says.

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