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  5. "Я организовала собрание."

"Я организовала собрание."

Translation:I organized a meeting.

January 14, 2016



why not "arranged"?


What is the difference between собрание and встреча?

[deactivated user]

    Собра́ние is a previously organised formal meeting, with many people and probably some common topic to discuss. Встре́ча can be between two people and can be accidental (but it can mean a formal meeting too).


    In Portuguese they are equivalent to "reunião" and "encontro".


    Good catch. That will help me remember it.


    Why "I arranged a meeting." is not accepted? I think it is good as well.


    It would be nice if they would use a female speaker when the use a feminine verb or noun. Just an idea to help the newbies.


    Ideally, yes. On the other hand it requires you to listen more carfully, which certainly isn't a bad thing.

    Btw, the gender of a noun has nothing to do with the gender of the speaker.


    I have arranged the meeting.

    Should it be acceptable too?


    Why is the gender in the sentence mismatched with the gender of the speaker? We are supposed to absorb patterns as a reflex by repetition (the duolingo method) and this is very confusing to beginners and not helping any learners. This issue is all over the Russian course, bugging me since over a year, I finally HAD to mention it.


    Because Duo chooses the voice at random. Moderators don't have tools available to assign male or female voice to this or that sentence. When the course was first created there was only one voice, which was female. Then they changed the TTS and the new one had two voices. But the program still uses both interchangeably.


    Hey. "I arranged a meeting" still not accepted!


    what's wrong with the imperfect here; i.e., "was organizing"??


    Because the Russian verb here is perfective. You'd need to use imperfective one "организовывала" to say "was organizing".


    So if организовать has an imperfective counterpart in организовывать, then why is it a "biaspectual verb" according to tips and notes? Why would I use it in an imperfective sense, when there is a seperate imperfective verb?


    Could it also be я организовал?


    I am also interested. Does the the ending change with the gender of the person saying it?


    Yes, in the past tense it does. So я организовал would be the correct way for a man to say it.


    I arranged the menu, the venue, the seating.

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