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  5. "¿Quieres beber algo?"

"¿Quieres beber algo?"

Traducción:Do you want to drink something?

January 13, 2013

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I thought that "anything" used for the negative and for the interrogative forms and "something" for the affirmative forms


@vensol60, your explanation is very clear, thank you so much ^_^ :)


los interrogativos "You want to drink something?" y "Do you want to drink something?" significan lo mismo, sólo que el primero se emplea en lenguaje coloquial o informal y el segundo en el lenguaje formal.

Serían ustedes tan amables de informarnos si estamos trabajando sólo con el lenguaje "formal".


tengo la misma opinon que vensol60!!!


EmilieHamilton You are right! “Anything” is used in negative and interrogative sentences. And “something” is used in affirmative sentences. But if you desire to emphasize, or you are pretty sure that the other person is going to answer “yes”, you can use “something” in a question, like in this case: “Do you want to drink something?" The most possible is that the other person give an affirmative answer.


Vensol 60. I agree your explanation, but I think both answers are correct and it's correct to use both. So they must admit them like correct


Do you want something to drink?


yo así he oido que dicen pero al parecer no... :( y no entiendo por que ..


Do you want to drink anything? seria lo correcto, no se puede usar something en preguntas


Estoy totalmente de acuerdo

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