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Students progress not showing

I am new to Duolingo, and my students and I love it. It is a great resource for the classroom. The only downside is that it takes it a while for it to actualize the student's progress and sometimes it does not the display the green check mark when it is done. If I hover over the dot it will display 4/4 but will not say is complete. Same goes for the assignments I create. Am I the only having this issue?

January 14, 2016



Hi! Can you please send us exact examples of username and classroom, and skill so that we can take a look for you? You can send this to teachers@duolingo.com


No, my students also mentioned this. On my screen, it shows it is not complete, and on their screen it shows it is not complete, but they take screenshots to show me they have finished the lessons. I'm just waiting to give them credit until the issue resolves itself. How do I know they aren't sending me a screenshot someone else took? :)


How do I know they aren't sending me a screenshot someone else took?

You can't.

Ask them to pass the lesson in front of view, you'll see quickly if they are able to do it or not.


MrsD, can you send this info, along with the student classroom and username, and name of skill to teachers@duolingo.com? We can help you verify and figure out if there is a bug on our end. Thank you!


I've had this exact problem (doesn't show the green check mark on Course Progress, but if I hover it shows 5/5, etc.) and it's getting more frequent. Just this morning I was checking the Spanish skill "Food" and I had this inconvenience with at least 10 students out of 65. I'm confident when it says "5/5" that they have completed it, but it makes my grading a lot slower...:)


I'm having this problem too. Did anyone resolve this? I was wondering if the kids tried to test out of it and didn't complete the course. Is that why?

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