"Jakie są cechy tego rozwiązania?"

Translation:What are the features of this solution?

January 14, 2016

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    I'm not sure what this sentence is supposed to mean in English. Solutions can have features, but I feel like this was meant to be something else as you would need a great deal of context to explain this combination. Perhaps features is supposed to be "pros"? (As in pros and cons)

    In any case, this feels a bit like an overly direct translation. Can anyone help?


    For me this sentence is as awkwardly worded in English as it is in Polish. I'd ask about "zalety i wady" - "pros and cons", like you proposed or "dobre i złe strony" - "good and bad sides".


    What are the features/qualities/traits of this solution?

    [deactivated user]

      I checked to see if there were any alternate meanings I could glean from it, but it seems not. I wonder if the problem's not in cecha, but in rozwązanie? "What are the benefits of this result" would make a bit more sense, though I'm not sure if it'd be an accurate translation.

      The feeling I get is that it's asking what the benefits are, but 'cecha' doesn't seem to be an inherently positive or negative word (given some of the other meanings of the word when translated.)


      You have to choose one of solutions of some problem and you want to know its features - pros and cons.

      [deactivated user]

        Pros and cons seems like it would work to me.


        Very weird indeed. I have never heard this sentence in English.


        I would suggest "What are the main points of this solution?", but even that is quite clunky.


        This sentence is definitely used in specific contexts, especially in areas where solutions are complex, such as in business or politics. Asking for pros or cons is a completely different question. Asking for the benefits is also different. Mihxal's translation is correct.


        I agree. It is not ok to identify features and "pros" or "cons". Neither in English, nor in Polish. In short: features (cechy) are objective characteristics, while pros and cons are good and bad qualities (zalety i wady). Remember the sales&marketing technique called "features, advantages & benefit"s (cechy, zalety, korzyści)? In the sentence "What are the features of this solution?" one is asking for a set of characteristics, such as dimensions, speed, colour, version of software etc. To me it sounds good in both languages.

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