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  5. "¿Qué cree él?"

"¿Qué cree él?"

Translation:What does he believe?

January 13, 2013


[deactivated user]

    "Mas despacio, por favor!"

    Incidentally, speed is precisely why I gave up Portuguese. The gal has a horrid case of word vomit. :(


    Ah, that's not a reason to give up a language. I just came back from Spain and in the two weeks there I learned that they speak even faster than the Duo lady... But if you ask nicely (or just look really really lost and confused) the people will repeat it a 1000 times and use their hand and feet to make you unserstand.


    ¡Pulsa la tortuga!


    couldn't this be "¿Qué él cree?" or just "¿Qué cree?" Why is the subject pronoun at the end?


    As mentioned in Samuel's link, Spanish generally requires the verb to follow a question word, and so the subject moves after it.


    Should "What does he create?" be allowed?


    Creer( to believe) and crear( to create ) are two different words.


    but the first person form is the same for both verbs--"yo creo"--correct?


    Yes "creo" for both of them but here it's the third person of the singular (él), so: What does he create? <-> ¿Qué crea él?


    Would Qué cree él, as well as Qué crea él sound identical? Duo told me I used the yo form, crea, instead of the 3rd person, which is crazy yes?


    "Qué cree él?" according to my experience should be translated as "What does he think?" Because "What does he believe?" should be in spanish "En qué cree él?"

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.


    Spanish speaker do use creer in scenarios that english speakers would use think in however it can still be translated to believe. Personally, I would translate "¿En qué cree él?" to "What do you believe in?" but I could be wrong.


    Too fast and impossible to hear the full sentence

    [deactivated user]

      What about "he thinks what?"


      sounds like glados


      Why is not "What does he think?"


      Creer is "to believe", and pensar is "to think".


      i answered correctly but the audio did not register my answer

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