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January 14, 2016



Related to Russian, "прошу (proshu)" - to ask of (pleading), likely of Slavic origin.


I also noticed very similar pronunciation in czech


I knew someone who studied in Poland for a while and said he heard this word used a lot in situations other than just "please" - like, I THINK he said you might say this when you answer the phone? Are there other common contexts for using this word?



I've never, personally, heard about it being used in phone-specific situation. The three common uses for „proszę” that readily comes to my mind are:

  1. „please”
  2. as a reply when somebody thanks you (like "you're welcome")
  3. when you didn't hear something and would like another person to repeat (a formal equivalent of "what?")


It's a very commonly used word in many situations related to courtesy.

Also when you are in the cue for the counter and they call you over they would use Proszę. And then there are many other examples.


isn't the third situation described with the phrase Excuse me I guess this answer should be excepted, I ran into it during training, with no context, and I thought about this situation, but it didn't. Please means that you ask somebody to do smth?


I guess that if it was the third situation, then it would end with a question mark. Also I don't feel that "Proszę?" is used often in that situation, it's usually "Słucham?".


You can use proszę as "here you go" when handing something to someone for example.


I've been in Poland recently, i always heard it in restaurants/cafè when waiter brings you the menu' or serves you a dish


Isn't also something like ,,you are welcome"?


East Slavic:Belarusian: прасі́ць (prasícʹ)Russian: проси́ть (prosítʹ)Ukrainian: проси́ти (prosýty)South Slavic:Old Church Slavonic: просити(prositi)Bulgarian: про́ся (prósja)Serbo-Croatian:Cyrillic: про̀ситиLatin: pròsitiSlovene: prósitiWest Slavic:Czech: prositPolish: prosićSlovak: prosiťSorbian:Lower Sorbian: pšosyśUpper Sorbian: prosyć



It is also used when someone asks you to get out of the way. " please let me pass. " I hear it often on the bus.


I think I've heard this in shops, as in "How may help you?" Is proszę sometimes used this way?


„Proszę” might be use when giving something to somebody else. Something along the lines of "here you are".

It might also loosely mean "how may I help you?" or, the way I consider this, "I am now giving you my full attention".


In Ukrainian, we say 'прошу' ('proshu') as well. We'll be able to understand eachother in no time! :)


Look im polish and to be fair english was wierd for me too


Just learnt that word. Is it the same in Russian


Can I also use "proszę" and "nie ma za co" when answering "thank you"? Or is there any difference between the 2 versions?


I guess in most contexts both make sense, "proszę" is more like "you're welcome" here and "nie ma za co" means "there's nothing to thank for", "don't mention it".


Sounds an awful lot like Prussia to me -_-

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