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"Which woman reads the newspaper?"

Translation:Hangi kadın gazeteyi okur?

January 14, 2016



I have nothing to add here, so please forgive my clutter, but with this sentence I finish the "Turkey" topic and the entire course. For just this moment, every topic is gold. (Though I still have a ton of work to do just to have this material solid, let alone really know the language). I have put together a dictionary on excel of the words I have learned, which now numbers 999.

To all who have contributed to making this course, to those who take the time to ask great questions, and to those who provide even better answers (Selcen Ozturk, Alex Not In Turkey, etc), çok teşekkür ederim.


Goodness, I literally just began, but right now you motivated me soooo much. Thank u, I'll keep going


when do use hangisi and hangi?


hangi is "which" when it acts like an adjective (it comes before a noun, as in hangi kadın "which woman").

hangisi is "which" or "which one" when it acts like a pronoun (it stands instead of a noun) - for example, Hangisi gazeteyi okur? "Which one reads the newspaper?" or perhaps "Which of them reads the newspaper?"

So a sentence such as "Which do you prefer?" which does not have a noun after "which" would also use hangisi.


Can we use hangisi inspite of hangi ever?


Sometimes "the newspaper" is gazete and sometimes the newspaper is gazeteyi. How do you know which one to use and when to use it?


When we use "the" so we add "i" in the end of noun


Gazeteyi hangi kadın okuyor?

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