Renew Dutch learning?

Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to make learning Dutch look like learning French looks like? So kind of renew the Dutch possibilites? Since right now with learning French there's so many more options and helpful stuff than there is with learning Dutch.

3 years ago

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What options do you mean? I know the new tree is in the making.. But I'm not sure what it means in terms of other stuff. Since I'm only learning dutch i was surprised when i looked at the spanish course on apple, it looked so different than my dutch course on android.. It had at least 3 different voices and cool cartoons of people that speak.. Very cute, i didn't see it in the android version however.. And the German course has also some extras, like list of all the words and their strength..

I'm not sure why there are so many differences between the extra stuff in each course, and the platform used..

3 years ago

Well in French for an example there's much more explanations included with words so when you click on the word there's an explanation why there's such an ending or why are you conjucating it. Also explanations why the word order changes. Also In French you can see the progress in terms of fluency and there's a possibility to buy extra courses for your lingots as well there's an extra section called Words with flash cards, word strengths and shows how many words have you learnt so far.

3 years ago
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