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  5. "You are a very good person."

"You are a very good person."

Translation:Sen çok iyi bir insansın.

January 14, 2016



So does kişi not work in this sentence then?


what is the difference between kişi and insan?


They are usually exchangeable but there are some differences.

İnsan sounds more empathetic than kişi. İnsan has more focus on being human and kişi has more focus on individuality.

Kişi is often used when you count people or when you group people and label them.

İnsan also means human. Kişi does not mean human.

Kişi must have an adjective or a relative clause that describes it. It cannot be used on its own. (There may be some exceptions in the formal language) e.g. People are coming. - İnsanlar geliyor. (not Kişiler geliyor.)


This marked "insansınız" as a typo, and gave "insansiniz" as correct. I think this is wrong...


"Çok iyi insansın." is marked wrong. I am wondering why, because I think noone could be two persons. I am confused, because we can say Sen elma yersin. and don't know, if it is one ore more and it's ok, but here we have to say bir?


I think you had to use "bir" as in Çok iyi bir insansın or use Sen çok iyi bir insansın


Yes, I think it is because of using an adjective.


What is the difference between insan and insansın?

  • bir insan - a person
  • bir insansın - you are a person


Why sen bir çok iyi insansin not accepted??


Why sen bir çok iyi insansin not accepted??

bir comes after the adjective in Turkish if there is one: iyi bir insan "a good person".

Thus also Sen çok iyi bir insansın.


"Bir" always comes immediately before noun.

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