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How far spread are we?

I'm guessing most of our Esperanto learners here are from English speaking countries (since it's Esperanto from English), but suspect we have learners from all over the world. If you don't mind sharing, where are you from?

I'm a Latin teacher from the U.S., near New York City.

January 15, 2016



Yep, English is my second language! I'm an illustrator from Hungary :) So far the only course available for native Hungarians is the English one, and since I speak that fairly fluently, I use the English platform instead to be able to learn French and Esperanto.

It has its ups and downs. In some ways, Esperanto is closer to my mother tongue than to English - despite Hungarian being part of the Uralic language family and not Indo-European - which makes it even easier for me to understand and pronounce. (And Hungarian is agglutinative like Esperanto... most of the suffixes and prefixes have a direct Hungarian version.)

However, since I have to mediate between the two using English, it makes the Duolingo experience a bit more difficult. But it's fine - I enjoy DL a lot more than trying the learn Esperanto from the Hungarian platform of lernu.net :)


It's my understanding you can study Esperanto in high-school in Hungary for university entrance. Is that true?


As KissZoltan2 said, lots of people learn Esperanto in Hungary because many universities indeed require two B2 language exams for the degree and Esperanto is easy enough to master.

I'm not sure about how many secondary schools teach Esperanto within the national curriculum, however. The biggest Hungarian website focusing on Esperanto mentions that some major cities have schools with optional Esperanto education, but I'm from one of those cities and I have never head about it. That's not to say that there aren't any schools like that (I'm pretty sure there are - you can we can even take the Matura/Maturity diploma in Esperanto!) but it's not widespread.

There are plenty of language schools though where you can take extra classes if you wish to learn Esperanto... although not for free, of course. There're also learning websites and self-help books.


Yes that is true in Hungary every year 4000-5000 people have a state exam in Esperanto, therefore there are many people with Esperanto knowledge.


The reason is that in Hungary two state exams should exists from languages to reach a university diploma or certain positions in the state sector. Lot of people cannot learn two traditional languages (mostly english an german), therefore they choose esperanto, because it is very simple.


/envy! I wish my school system attempted to teach Esperanto. They tried Japanese and Chinese here. No one from my school year ever learned those languages fluently :(


That really would be amazing...Perhaps such a thing will come to fruition in our lifetimes?


Hi Evildea! Love your videos, and hope your brother has fully recovered! Have you encountered this: https://youtu.be/Nev3YQFaENs ??? I think there may be some Esperanto teaching in Australian schools. See also http://www.mondeto.com


Thanks! My brother is slowly recovering :) Yes I've seen that before and worked with Penny (a little), the person who ran that project. There was a lot of money and effort dropped into it to introduce Esperanto on a large scale in schools by her and the local associations. The government although on multiple levels recognising the usefulness of Esperanto wouldn't dare implement for fear of public backlash that they would be teaching a useless language. Instead the government opted to large-scale teach Chinese across Australia which has failed massively.


Mi logxas en Hungario kaj mi estas hungara. Mi parolas flue la hungaran, la anglan, la germanan kaj mi estas nun tre bone en esperanto. Mi lernas por 5 monatoj esperanton kaj mi volas plibonigi, mi volas paroli flue. Mi pensas ke esperanto havos grandan estontecon.

I live in Hungary and I'm hungarian, I speak fluently hungarian, english, german and now i am quite to very good in esperanto. I learn Esperanto for 5 monthes and i want to improve my knowledge and i want to be fluent. I think that esperanto will have a great future.

Magyarországon lakom és magyar vagyok, folyékonyan beszélek magyarul, angolul, németül és most már elég jól eszperantóul is. 5 hónapja tanulok eszperantót és javítani szeretném a tudásomat és folyékonyan akarom beszékni a nyelvet. Azt hiszem, hogy az eszperantó előtt nagy jövő áll.


I'm in Oregon, in the US. (Which is "Oregono" in Esperanto but which I inevitably mistype as "oregano". Not the same at all, either in English or Esperanto.)


Living in oregano sounds good to me!

[deactivated user]

    It seems that you are the closest person to me. I live near Boise, Idaho


    Hmm, kiel oni diras "coincidence"? :D My family lived in Idaho briefly when I was very little, though I think we were near Coeur d'Alene (so...not a very big coincidence, but nonetheless).


    > Hmm, kiel oni diras "coincidence"?

    Well, "to coincide" is kongrui, so I would guess that "coincidence" is kongrueco.

    Kia kongrueco! :)


    From Turkey. I think you are right that there are non-native English speakers taking the Esperanto course. I noticed that because, aside from me being one of them, there are many questions and remarks like "Is that a natural sentence in English?" in sentence discussion threads. Towards the end of your tree, you may encounter a sentence of which translation turns out to be "The duck has to pay the bill". Those kinds of tricky stuff generate some discussion which is an indicative of non-English speaking Esperanto learners :)


    I am an engineering student from Mumbai, India. Esperanto caught my attention for its simplicity and worldwide reach. It's really interesting how you can have a 'native' speaker from anywhere in the world and can converse with anybody. I also love how the language sounds :D

    I have a background in French learning. So learning Esperanto comes naturally. I hope to use this language for worldwide unity someday. :)


    Mi estas ankaŭ proksime al Novjorko. Saluton!


    Nova Ĵerso ankaŭ? Tiom da arboj vi havas!


    Nova Ĵerso vere, en la centrala regiono. Malgranda estas la mondo.


    As for me, I use the site just to exercize English through both Russian and Esperanto. The most specific problem is the indefinite article - it is hard to predict whether it should be used in each particular case.


    That is so true about the "a/an" thing.


    When you finish the course, you get a link to this discussion thread with a list of Esperanto-related resources, https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10334863. Among them there is a map where anyone who has learned Esperanto on Duolingo can mark themselves – https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=zHwhupZfxV_M.kEbZgnHaKo-o

    I would also encourage everyone to add themselves on Chatterplot, it might help you find someone in your vicinity to practice with. https://www.chatterplot.com/esperanto-tandem-partners

    Greetings from Kiev, Ukraine.


    Thank you! I didn't realize this existed. It makes my thread a bit redundant :)


    Mi loĝas en Japanio. Mi estas mallerta en la angla, sed per la Esperanta kurso, mi sentas iom da pliboniĝo ankaŭ en la angla.


    Mi loĝas en Francujo, proksime al Parizo.


    I'm from California in America. So many people in Europe speak English too though so I imagine a fair bit of learners are there too =).

    Mi estas el Californio en Usono. Iom homoj en Eŭropo parolas la Anglan ankaŭ. Tiel mi pensas multe de eŭropanajn lernantojn estas tien ankaŭ.


    I'm also from California ;D


    Tre mojosa! Kie? Nordo aŭ sudo?


    Not letting me reply to your bottom comment for some reason. I live in San Diego as well. It really is a small world.


    Wow! Wait in 2nd grade there was a peer in my class named Johnathan who liked cats...


    Apologies, I asked if you were north or south California.


    Southern California, San Diego to be exact :) Where do you live? (If you don't mind)


    I live in Australia :)


    mi ankaŭ loĝas en Aŭstralio, en Perth. Saluton!


    Mi logxas en Connecticut :-D


    Make sure you check out the Auxtuna Renkontigxo de Esperanto this October.


    On Lake George, about 3 hours drive from Hartford.


    I am a native German speaker from Germany.


    Mi loĝas en Vaŝingtono


    La ŝtato aŭ la urbo?


    Saluton! Mi loĝas en Bostono (urbo), Usono.


    Mi estas de Irlando. :)


    I'm from Brasil :) I'm new here in duolingo and very happy to have this opportunity to learn Esperanto. Espero não ser a única brasileira aqui :D


    I live in Arkansas. Hope to speak to more of you as I learn more


    Quebec, Canada. English is my second language (French being the first).


    I'm a comp. programmer from Poland


    Mi logxas en Britio :)


    Zutphen, Nederlando.

    Bonan tagon

    [deactivated user]

      Mi loĝas en Bojsi (Boise), Idaho, Usono.


      Saluton! Mi loĝas en Kembriĝo en Anglujo.


      Mi loĝas en Pollando .


      Mi estas agronomisto kiu havas cxiam logxis en Kanado, apud Edmontono. Bonvolu respondas se Kanadulo, don't leave me hangin'

      [deactivated user]

        I am in 11th grade (2nd year of high school) and English is my second language ! I live in Grenoble, in the Southeast of France, near Lyon, Switzerland and Italy :)


        I am from the Canadian West coast (Vancouver). Been dabbling a small bit in Esperanto for the past few years, but never really dedicating myself to it beyond a few words. After finding Duolingo I plan to gain a passing fluency in it.


        I'm a High School graduate from U.S, SC


        mi venas el Reunio (Francia insulo en la Hinda oceano)


        Mi logxas en Bostono.


        I'm from Finland.


        I'm a native Hebrew speaker from Israel. Mi estas denaska parolanto Hebrea kaj mi logxas en Israelo .


        I'm a native Spanish speaker from Dominican Republic and living right now in the United States. Since the first time I heard about Esperanto, I found it really interesting and I've been motivated to learn it.


        I'm from Veracruz, Mexico.


        Im from Mexico :)

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