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"Have you ever seen this film?"

Translation:Ти коли-небудь бачила цей фільм?

January 15, 2016



I suggested a variant "Чи ти колись дивився цей фільм?" as a possible one. In any case, dyvytysia fil'm is a better variant for watching a mvie then just "bachyty". The sentense can be translated for both genders, M and F. "Ty koly-nebud' bachyla/v (or dyvylas'/vsia) tsey fil'm"?


'дивитися' means watch, not see.


Why is using побачив wrong here?


When you are talking about some facts/events in the past in general, you usually use the imperfective form of verbs. The adverb "коли-небудь" ("ever") enforces this "in-general" context, so the perfective form "побачив" does not work here and sounds unnatural.

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