"She is changing her clothes."

Translation:Ona zmienia ubrania.

January 15, 2016

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Would it not be more correct with the reflexive pronoun (which hasn't been covered yet) and say "Ona zmienia swoje ubrania"? I realize it can be inferred, but that doesn't necessarily make it a good translation.


The most natural way of saying this would be 'Ona się przebiera'. Przebierać się means to be changing one's clothes.


how about 'ona przebiera się'


Well, generally "się" shouldn't be at the end of the sentence, unless there's really no other option (putting it at the beginning is not an option), and you can write it as "Ona się przebiera"... actually, we couldn't agree whether this should be accepted or not. There's one vote for, one vote against and my "I have no idea"...


I think it should probably be accepted. It's only three words, which can be shortened to two. "Przebiera się". So instead of implying ona you actually state it and end up with "Ona przebiera się". The fact that there's no consensus shows that it's not wrong, so shouldn't be considered wrong (even if not starred)


Actually it doesn't really matter how many words there are, the decisive question is whether there is any other place you can put the się. And it also doesn't matter if you can theoretically shorten the sentence, it's still a different sentence, stylistically speaking.


Most people would skip the personal pronoun and say "Przebiera się".


Is zmienia both taking off the clothes and putting on different clothes, or also just replacing it with other clothes?


Maybe I'm still sleepy, but I don't really understand the difference between the options you mentioned... what do you mean by 'replacing'?


Giving the clothes back to the store, and get other instead for example


Then I guess that would be "wymienia" (more like 'exchanges').

What feels more natural to me is saying "zwraca" (returns) and treating getting new clothes as a completely other thing.

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