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  5. "Shall we eat pasta?"

"Shall we eat pasta?"

Translation:Makarna yiyelim mi?

January 15, 2016



Can you just comment on why it's yiyelim and not yeyelim please

[deactivated user]

    When verb stems ends with wide vowels (a,e) and takes -yor suffix (proggressive tense](, the wide vowels are replaced with narrow vowels (ı,i,u,ü).

    Ex: Başlamak (to start) - Başlıyor

    İzlemek (to watch) - İzliyor

    Söylemek (to tell) - Söylüyor


    "demek" and "yemek" change to di- and yi- before a "y" -- not only in the -yor ending (where this would be regular, e.g. "denemek, beklemek" becomes "deniyor, bekliyor") but also e.g. in the future (yiyecek) or potential (yiyebilir) -- compare "bekleyecek, bekleyebilir".


    Yeyelim comes from wrong accent.


    What is the difference between "Makarna mı yiyelim" and "Makarna yiyelim mi"


    The first one questions the pasta - "Shall we eat PASTA (rather than something else)?"

    The second one questions the verb or the sentence as a whole.


    If that's the only difference, then it should be accepted. I'm reporting it. :-)


    Where did this 'yiyelim' come from? What tense is this, what suffix and what does it mean (the suffix)? Why is this "shall we"? İ am totally lost here


    -(y)elim, -(y)alım is used for "Let's ...!" sentences, a sort of first-person plural imperative or jussive.

    In questions, it means something like "Shall we ...?", asking for advice or for agreement on a course of action.

    The equivalent ending for "I" (first person singular) is -(y)eyim, -(y)ayım -- "shall I ...?" in questions, "I think I'll ...!" in statements (e.g. "I think I'll buy that one") or "Let me" (e.g. "Let me introduce Mr Smith to you").

    Some examples:

    Gidelim! - Let's go!

    Gidelim mi? - Shall we go (now)?

    Bunu sizin için taşıyayım mı? - Shall I carry this for you?

    Tanıştırayım: …. - Let me introduce .....

    Bu elbise çok güzel görünüyor. Onu giy bakayım. - This dress looks very pretty. Put it on and let me have a look.

    Beni arayacak mısın yoksa ben mi seni arayayım? - Are you going to call me or shall I call you?


    Mizinamo thank you so much!! İ did not know this


    You're welcome!

    I've added a few example sentences from my flashcards.


    This is an suggestion sentence like the eng.sentences that starts with Let's.You dont need to think over tenses.

    Examples: Sinemaya gidelim mi?/Shall we go to the cinema?

    Bunu kutlayalım!/Let's celebrate this!


    Why not "makarnayı "?


    If you say "makarnayı" then you are referring to some specific pasta. For example:

    "What shall we eat for dinner? We have leftover curry and leftover pasta."

    "Let's eat the pasta."

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