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  5. "Shall we eat pasta?"

"Shall we eat pasta?"

Translation:Makarna yiyelim mi?

January 15, 2016



Can you just comment on why it's yiyelim and not yeyelim please

[deactivated user]

    When verb stems ends with wide vowels (a,e) and takes -yor suffix (proggressive tense](, the wide vowels are replaced with narrow vowels (ı,i,u,ü).

    Ex: Başlamak (to start) - Başlıyor

    İzlemek (to watch) - İzliyor

    Söylemek (to tell) - Söylüyor


    "demek" and "yemek" change to di- and yi- before a "y" -- not only in the -yor ending (where this would be regular, e.g. "denemek, beklemek" becomes "deniyor, bekliyor") but also e.g. in the future (yiyecek) or potential (yiyebilir) -- compare "bekleyecek, bekleyebilir".


    Yeyelim comes from wrong accent.


    Where did this 'yiyelim' come from? What tense is this, what suffix and what does it mean (the suffix)? Why is this "shall we"? İ am totally lost here


    -(y)elim, -(y)alım is used for "Let's ...!" sentences, a sort of first-person plural imperative or jussive.

    In questions, it means something like "Shall we ...?", asking for advice or for agreement on a course of action.

    The equivalent ending for "I" (first person singular) is -(y)eyim, -(y)ayım -- "shall I ...?" in questions, "I think I'll ...!" in statements (e.g. "I think I'll buy that one") or "Let me" (e.g. "Let me introduce Mr Smith to you").

    Some examples:

    Gidelim! - Let's go!

    Gidelim mi? - Shall we go (now)?

    Bunu sizin için taşıyayım mı? - Shall I carry this for you?

    Tanıştırayım: …. - Let me introduce .....

    Bu elbise çok güzel görünüyor. Onu giy bakayım. - This dress looks very pretty. Put it on and let me have a look.

    Beni arayacak mısın yoksa ben mi seni arayayım? - Are you going to call me or shall I call you?


    Mizinamo thank you so much!! İ did not know this


    You're welcome!

    I've added a few example sentences from my flashcards.


    This is an suggestion sentence like the eng.sentences that starts with Let's.You dont need to think over tenses.

    Examples: Sinemaya gidelim mi?/Shall we go to the cinema?

    Bunu kutlayalım!/Let's celebrate this!


    What is the difference between "Makarna mı yiyelim" and "Makarna yiyelim mi"


    The first one questions the pasta - "Shall we eat PASTA (rather than something else)?"

    The second one questions the verb or the sentence as a whole.


    Why not "makarnayı "?

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