"Jaka jest data?"

Translation:What date is it?

January 15, 2016

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Która godzina - What time is it? Jaka jest data - What date is it? Interesting. What is the difference between która and jaka? Is it the same as the difference between "what" and "which"?


Technically, ‘what is a date’ is a legitimate translation.

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"What is a date?" means "I don't know what a date is, can you teach me?" – Co to jest data? or Czym jest data?


Yes, I know, and I figured it was a legitimate question coming from a child or a foreigner who wasn’t familiar with the word (or someone from a primitive culture who didn’t know the concept).


Strictly speaking, there is a subtle difference between "what is a date" and "what date is it".


Can this only mean "What date is it today?" or can it also mean, if we're talking about someone's birthday coming up soon, and I ask "Jaka jest data?" (or the date of a flight or trip etc.)



Yes, you can use „jaka jest data” in that context. Like „Jaka jest data twoich urodzin?” or „Jaka jest data na bilecie?”.

The latter is actually the nicest example of „jaka jest data”. For me the most natural way to ask for today's date is „Który jest dzisiaj?” (literally: "Which is today?"). And for birthday I would probably use „Kiedy masz urodziny?”.


Thanks. Are you a native speaker?


then I'm definitely making a note of these, to impress my GF later lol


Would this be like the French translation : "Quelle date on est" / "Quelle date est-il" ?


What day is it? is translated "Jaki mamy dzień" but "what date is it?" is "Jaka jest data". Is there a rule for the use of mamy or jest when asking about a day, month, date, year?

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