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  5. "Avrebbe tre case."

"Avrebbe tre case."

Translation:She would have three houses.

January 15, 2016



The verbs seriously need a better conjugation table to include all the tenses covered in the course.


For fare - https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/fare#Italian

Though it doesn't really teach you anything... I think that in languages the best way to learn is just to practice over and over until you get it


(I am an admin on wiktionary by the way).. but thanks for your reply.


I suggest you just always have a tab open with a conjugator like this:



thanks for the link. I still struggle with understanding the translation ie I don't understand the verbs! do you know a site that does that too? cheers

  • 2018

Is there any way to determine if the pronoun is he or she in this case?


No, you can't if it's not expressed like in this case. In a sentence like "รจ stata in Francia" for example (she went to France) you understand that we're talking about a she. Same goes for a sentence like "sarebbe andato all'ospedale" (he would have gone to the hospital), where you have a he. But in "vide il mare" (he/she saw the sea) it's not clear, like in the given sentence, unless you have a context of course


I put "You would have three houses" instead of "she/he" and it was accepted. I know my answer was incorrect, but is there any valid reason that duo accepted? Would "avrebbe" ever be used to refer to the second person?


"avrebbe" is the conjugation to the third person singular.
using the courtesy form (Lei) to address to one person the sentence would become:
Lei avrebbe tre case = you would have three houses


Nessuno ha bisogno di tante case.

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