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Negative skill points?

How did I get negative skill points yesterday in French? If I recall correctly I did timed practice and some light translating- is this a bug? Can it be fixed?

December 18, 2013



i had negative points today and i do not translate articles, i only practice lessons each day. i earned 38 xp yesterday, today i was in the negative. i've been here 3 years and it's the first time this has ever happened. i'm still confused


This just happened to me too. I was +10, finished my second lesson and it went from -10 to 0! I lost all 20??


I also have negative xp today. Can't seem to get it to positive.


Me too, i was doing some lessons and get -10 points. I'll loose my offensive.


Me too, I don't know what to do


must've been a glitch then


Sometimes if you undo a rating in a translation you can lose points that you had gained before when you originally rated it. Do you think this is what happened?



I just received -5 skill points in Immersion as well. I have taken screenshots (below) to document what happened for me, as well as a narrative.

Here is the article I was working on: https://www.duolingo.com/translation/3ba5af693b205274033970d4bd33b3c0

I haven't worked in Immersion much lately so I went in and saw what was popular. I scanned for something that was a few sentences away from being finished. I found that doc and looked through it for sections that either a) weren't translated or b) hadn't been checked. I found a section that was light gray so I decided to check it.

Its current translation seemed ok. But, I found a slightly better translation (I hope) among the ones that people had submitted much earlier. So, I reverted to that one. However, when I selected that translation and hit the Revert button, nothing happened. I gained no points and the passage didn't revert. So, I chose the translation again and hit "revert" again. That is when I was given the negative points.

Before working on this section, I noted that the passage was gray (Translation needs to be checked). It was not green. Green would have indicated that I had translated or checked it before. Instead, it was light gray indicating that I had not edited or checked it before.

However, after reading your comment, I went and clicked on another sentence so I could see the passage I had just edited and been docked 5 points for. The passage still had not turned green. It was still light gray.

Here is a screenshot of what I'm looking at.

Alt text
http://i.imgur.com/wvD0gL5.png Larger image in link.

Any advice?

Thank you :)


Thanks for letting us know! We'll get this fixed soon.


@Luis, thank you :)


I don't think so, unless I had the same translation up on two different computers and unintentionally did so. Very curious!


I believe in these cases, it is better to always save screenshots in these cases, it is hard to debug if they can't see the problem.


I agree- although in this case I didn't notice that it was happening at the time, I just saw I had negative points the next day. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I usually have 20 tabs up on my home computer and work computer alike.


I don't think it will help, but here's the screenshot of the negative points, and my many tabs just for fun. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RIxzfih-fcI2ABS0HTjCso_3REx-uxwvkbs07UkrNDA/edit?usp=sharing


Another example of multitasking biting one in the booty!


Wow, a gazilion tabs, you must be a sniper to see what each of those is. Anyway, I'm certain it will help, since now they know exactly the problem, and which day it was.


I've had this happen, too, during immersion. If I pay attention to the points I'm getting for a given sentence, sometimes hitting "looks good" for somebody else's translation renders negative points.


I'll definitely pay more attention now!


Also, I have only 4 points for Portuguese yesterday, when I know I completed a lesson...


5bimic (now he renamed himself -5bimic) has -xp. . . Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/s1Ll8U2.png


Happened today: Immersion > Clicked on an article> Proofread>Clicked on a scentence>Clikced on the checkmark 'Looks good', Then I did the same for another sentence. Result: -4xp gained.


I'm getting negative points right now, it keeps going from -10 to 0 everytime! :(


My experience too. Can re-gild tree, but the "points towards my daily goal" are counted from -10 back to zero!

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