"We are glad that you made lunch."

Translation:Cieszymy się, że zrobiłeś obiad.

January 15, 2016

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Jesteśmy śczęśliwi że przygotowałeś obiad.


"szczęśliwi" seems too much for "glad" to me...


I checked it in a dictionary and it occurs that 'I am glad' can be translated as: 'Jestem szczęśliwy', 'Jestem rad', 'Jestem uradowany', 'Jestem ucieszony', 'Jestem zadowolony', 'Cieszę się', 'Raduję się'. And tbh, 'jestem szczęśliwy' seems like a good translation also because of English: 'I am glad' = 'I am happy'


many english words have been incorporated into the polish language--for example, there is no direct word for the weekend in polish except for the word itself. same goes for words like lunch. because we do not have a real word for lunch or dinner, just a generalized concept of it as obiad, many polish speakers choose to say lunch for lunch. this of course is also dialectical and regional--it depends on where the polish speaker comes from


Basically, Lunch is lunch, obiad is dinner, and kolacja is supper. At least this is what I usually hear from Polish native speaking people. Thinking of it, in Norwegian we also use the word lunch, and not some other fancy native word for the meal around 12 o clock.


See a previous discussion on this. Someone gave a great explanation.


Should "Podoba nam się, że zrobiłeś obiad." work here?


Hmmm... I think I'd translate it to "We like it that you made lunch".

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