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Copying Assignments to other classes

I love the new assignments feature! However, I'd like to be able to copy the same assignment to multiple classes without having to go through the whole process several times. Is there a way to copy the assignments once already created in one class to the others? Thank you!

January 15, 2016



There is no way available, this is a new idea. I wonder if more teachers would find it useful too. I'll share this idea internally. Thank you!


I would DEFINITELY find this useful!


I was just looking for a feature like this on Duolingo, which is what brought me to the forum. With multiple sections of the same course I would use such a feature all the time.


Me too! This would be SO helpful! (and/or a way to make assignments REPEAT)


any update on this? reentering the same assignments every week for five separate classes for 9 months is a bit time consuming...


Came looking for this because, yes, this would be super useful. I teach multiple sections of the same level, and they're generally working on the same things. Related - being able to set up recurring xp goals would be nice.


Any update on this question?


That would be great. Since I have multiple language speakers, I had to make separate classes for each language even though they all speak English. When I tried to have them all in one class, the assignments came up in Arabic... I can't read Arabic.

Anyway, I have decided to keep the classes separate, since I already put the effort into it. But, I am not creating assignments for each class. The students will just have to show me on their computers/phones that they have completed the assignment.

It is much more complicated to use this for the classroom than I anticipated. I suppose if you only have one native language and one learning language it is probably easier to use.


YES!!! I have six classes and most often the assignments are the same! This would be great!


Please add a 'copy assignment to other class' tool. I have just set up 13 classes and many will be taking the same the assignments. My arm went numb after setting up the first two classes.


YES!!!!!!! I agree. It is necessary to keep classes separate for record-keeping purposes, and it is SUCH a pain to have to enter the same information for different sections of the same course! PLEASE make this the next improvement!!


I would DEFINITELY find this useful as well! Please create this, or a way to make assignments repeating! I have my students complete 100xp per week, and with 5 classes, it takes about an hour to sit there and create the same assignments over and over again for several weeks


Please, make this happen! It would be a wonderful time saver!


Yes please, this would be great! Both the "copy assignment" option and the "repeat/recurring assignment" options

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