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"Kırk üç"


January 15, 2016



the TTS pronounces it with a glottal stop (kırk`üç). Is it normal in Turkish to have glottal stops in such position? Teşekkür ederim!


In Turkish it is usual to have a glottal stop in the beginning of a word that begins with a vowel but in this sentence it's just the TTS. Normally we pronounce the sentences quite fluently with liaison between words therefore we would pronounce it as 'kırküç' as if they were one word without any glottal stop. If we want to stress it then we might pronounce it exactly like the TTS though.

Actually even when putting stress people avoid using the glottal stop so most people would pronounce it as 'kır küç' adding an emphasis to the part 'küç' when they put emphasis on it.


App mistakenly seperates tens from ones


I got this wrong twice because I said "Fourty three" instead of "Fourty-three"


Wow. İ pronounce it right, it wont register. İ pronounce it as ootsch and it does register. BAd duo!

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