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EDIT: Obviously, there is a huge demand for Icelandic to be featured on Duolingo. Thank you to everyone who commented, the more attention this gets the better! If you can spread this forum post, DO IT!

After searching several posts about the progress of an Icelandic for English speakers course being made, it looks to me like a lot of people said that they could help.

However, it looks like no progress has been made, so I am making this post to bring attention back to the topic. I am going to ask my friends over at to help out, if any of you guys know anyone who could help get this started that would be much appreciated!!!

Tusen takk (:

January 15, 2016


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Hey guys, so I'm thinkin'....that just posting comments on threads like this isn't going to get us anywhere. We know now that there is a demand, but other people don't! We need to spread the word and make ourselves heard! If you aren't a member of some kind of Facebook group or organization having to do with Iceland, Icelandic, or Icelanders, become one. And share the link below to where Icelandic speakers can apply to be a contributor. LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

August 1, 2016

This is by far the best comment so far, if we really want this to happen we need to find native Icelandic speakers! With a country with a population of only about half a million, it isn't going to be easy to find translators. But I have faith in the community here!

We are 340.000.

icelandic does not even appear in the list! SHAME!

As a native Icelander speaker ,I'm glad for that. I have heard foreigners try to speak Icelandic ,and it does sound like someone having an asthma while speaking because they don't know how to breath when speaking Icelandic.

Not sure why you're downvoted. I'm sure learners of a language always sound strange to native speakers at the beginning. I think it's a beautiful language though and I still want to learn it even if it sounds like I'm having an asthma attack at first. :P

Be proud of yourself with your ignorant intolerance! But I suppose you are ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ proud of your perfect, immaculate English pronunciation.

Lighten up. :D

Most non native speaker of any language will sound off. You seem to be a troll. Are you suggesting that people should not learn a new language because it’s difficult and their accent will be annoying? You sound arrogant and I don’t necessarily believe you are from Iceland and if you are you are not representing your country very well.

I am a native Icelandic speaker, I am not aware of any Facebook groups for 'Icelandic for Duolingo'.

Do you know if such a group exists?

I don't know of any like that but there are Facebook groups just having to do with Iceland in general or Icelanders or people who have lived there.

I started this one a while back. You're welcome to join! :)

I want this SO badly. I am half Icelandic but raised in Canada, and I can't pick up enough of the language from family alone. I'd love to be able to surprise them with it, and expand on the few words and phrases I know =/

I did Icelandic 101 on LiveMocha back in 2008, its a neat language. I hope they bring it in soon!

Icelandic is the closest language to Old Norse, so it would be interesting attending a future course in Duolingo

Exactly why I think it should be added

Icelandic is, in my opinion, the most beautiful modern language in the world. I completely suggest making a good course for it, as I really feel the need to learn it.

I'd love to learn Icelandic, too! I've been watching Trapped on BBC4 and was amazed at how much I could actually understand - I am a Norwegian native and could recognise a lot of words, but also a lot of words that I only know from my grandfather's dialect. It would be great to to study the basics on Duolingo, so I really hope a course will be released eventually!

hvis du forstår norsk, kan du forstår litt islandsk...bedre nynorsk...

Another vote for Icelandic! !!!!

It seems that there has already been a post about this in the r/iceland subreddit:

Apparently, several people have already applied, but haven't yet heard back.

woops, silly me for not checking before. But still, I think bringing it up again will help show the community's interest for one

Currently living in Iceland as an au pair, and I learned a little Swedish before I left, which helped a little (though you shouldn't mention that to Icelanders, they don't like their culture to be compared). But most of the online resources for learning the language are literally just in Icelandic, no translation in English or any language, for that matter. I'm taking a class for it, but even the book we have has no translations, just Icelandic with some sparse cartoons. Would really love to learn it on Duolingo instead: I could understand the three-year-olds much faster!

That's pretty cool, and yeah I really hope the Duolingo team sees this post. It's been a few months now, and this post is still getting more support and comments. Also there are several people already offering to help in the incubator phase.


We will have icelandic!

We need a different system like voting or something. Because posting in the comments just isn't working. High Valyrian is in the incubator before Icelandic. :(

How did High Valyrian and Klingon make it into incubators before the actual languages of the world? My idea is that there has to be some kind of lobby for these things. Do we write letters or call or what? I'm really at a loss here.

We have to vote for it here:

They want all the votes Consolidated on a single forum, and the form that I posted is the one where they're doing the voting. So everybody please go there! And vote!!

It is said here that this page doesn't exist.

Yeah the page doesn't work. If there actually is a voting page could you please link it?

I want to learn Icelandic too! It's such a beautiful country and I don't want to visit and know squat!

Please make this dream come true guys! If there is welsh, I can't see why there should be no Icelandic.

I would love to see Icelandic featured.

Yes please, icelandic would be sooooo nice to learn

I really hope the next language to be featured is Icelandic. Being half-Icelandic and adopted I never got a chance to learn it, so I'd love to be able to!

An Icelandic course would be amazing. I doubt me saying that is gonna do much of anything though :^( Does anyone know of good places to learn it in the meantime?

Icelandic! Yes! Yes! Yes! :O Pleeeeeeease !

Já, þakka þér svo mikið! I love Íslenska for so many reasons! It isn't only the closest language to Old Norse, but it also has my two favourite letters: "Þ" & "Æ"! What's not to love! I hope they incubate this language very soon. (...and Latin. If they won't give me Japanese, they should at least have Latin. It's probably the most influential language ever. Just saying.)

To dream of Icelandic <3

Icelandic should be here in Duo

i know icelandic and would be glad to help if needed

thank you for posting this man. Please apply to contribute if you can help!

Another upvote! I'm an American married to an Icelander living in Norway, I speak to my kids in Icelandic but it's slow going! I need this so my kids do t eventually have their own secret language with their father >_>

An Icelandic course would be hugely appreciated :)

I plan on either visiting or going to school there, so this would help a lot!

guys, we really need Icelandic on duolingo, that would be a blast!

I hope to see Icelandic! I really want to check out this language!

Yes please! I'd love to see Icelandic here!!!

Thank you in advance to anyone who contributes to the project - I can see what a huge commitment it would be to create a Duolingo course, and how skilled you would need to be to do it in the first place.

Given the popularity of the History Channel's Vikings, it seems like a perfect time to add Icelandic, especially considering there are 2 fictional languages from television shows already in the incubator. At least Icelandic would also have a practical use.

...and maybe throw in an Old English course for good measure.

The recognisation for the effort of adding fictional languages is interesting for some enthusiastics on that, but it doesn't links the learners to join in a conversation with a culture bound native-speaker (talking about Klingon), which is far from receiving proper support outside the app (even type it properly on conventional keyboards).. So focusing on natural languages is more useful than doing much effort on contructed languages that won't even receive a proper need in daily life. The only artificial language that is really worth keeping it is Esperanto due its history and amount of speakers. Icelandic is an example of a language that should be invested time instead Klingon. I hope that more natural languages courses will soon be available and they will gladly help many people whose desire is to get to know more about the culture of a certain country with non popular languages, but relevant to them.

Exactly. Duolingo could seriously attract a huge crowd by adding Icelandic. Yes, there are other sources for Icelandic, but I feel like Duolingo's style of learning is way more efficient.

I think the reason why they added Klingon was because of how popular Klingon is with cosplayers. I think they are hoping that cosplayers will get on board Duolingo and learn the other languages, after they have tackled Klingon.

On a scale of Norwegian to Korean... how similar is Icelandic to Swedish? Could a Swedish learner get to grips with it alongside Swedish?

Definitely closer to Norwegian than Korean, but not nearly as similar as Norwegian or Danish. A good comparison might be the English of Beowulf compared to the English of 21st century England.

Sæll kæri vinur.
Hvað segirðu?
Hafðu það gott!
can you understand what is written?

Haha! Perhaps one word (gott) but then I have no idea how all that sounds. (but I know it sounds amazing)

i just wanted to show that those languages are very different , here is what is written in swedish.
hej min vän.
hur mår du?
ha en tevlig dag!

but you could also translate it more literally. (from what swedish i know)

hej, kära vän

vad säger du?

ha det bra

and you can clearly see the similarity between the two, then

You made the point very well :D Tack så mycket, och du!


Hello my dear friend

How are you?

Take care (have a nice day)

Icelandic is basically old Norse.

I sooo hope they add Icelandic, I want to go live in Iceland after I finish my studies .

The other thread I was following for Icelandic seems to have disappeared? It had a lot of upvotes! Anyway, I'm definitely rooting for an Icelandic course and I hope it will be considered soon!

How's that going? Im so interested to learn the language

Yes please!!!

Me too! Me too! :)

I would love to see this! Where are all the Icelandic/English enthusiasts who can make this happen? :)

I really want there to be an Icelandic course!!! Would be really helpfull!!

Take my lingots! :D No, really, pretty please! I've been hoping for an Icelandic Duolingo course for ages!

best of luck with this, would be a wonderful addition

It will be hard to find native speakers to contribute. It does seem the duo doesn't exactly want Icelandic. Plenty people have applied. I really do hope for Icelandic but most likely we won't get it anytime soon. :(

Please please please.

Just saw Old High Valyrian go up in the Incubator. Another language from TV. But we can't get Icelandic and many other spoken in the world today on here today. Love the site, but it is frustrating sometimes. Icelandic please!!

Really hope it becomes a reality soon as I would love to learn it!

I'll say it here, too! We need an Icelandic program here! Why is there no one taking this on? We should see some development soon, I hope!

Well, there's got to be something we can do! I mean, to whom would we speak about it?

Please Duolingo!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this is finally added. I'm adding my name to show further support that including Icelandic is a great idea.

I'd love to learn Icelandic, as I want to travel to Iceland someday. I hope this gets off the ground soon!

Adding my support.

I applied for making some bits of the Icelandic course, they haven't replied :/

Yeah, applied twice, still no reply :(

I would also love to see Icelandic on Duolingo! I'm wondering has anybody used the University of Iceland's online courses? I'm thinking of starting there in the meantime.

YES Icelandic please!!

i want Icelandic!

Icelandic would be a great offer!

Put me down for Icelandic, too.

I would love to learn it as well.

I wish I could understand the lyrics of my favorite band, Sigur Rós! Please, Duolingo!

Another vote for Icelandic!!

Please, do Icelandic course! We need it!!!

yes, we want icelandic!

I would love to see Icelandic on duolingo, not for myself due to the fact I am indeed Icelandic and fluent in the language but rather so that my brothers who are Danish could have a chance to learn my language via this awesome app. Please implement this as soon as possible.


Yeah I'd love Icelandic too. In the meantime that we wait, try using It's very similar to Duolingo and has over 80 languages including Icelandic. Best of all, it's free! There are 3 Icelandic courses on there; a simple one, a Duolingo-style official one and one that teaches you every single Icelandic word in existence.

Simple course -

Duolingo-style course -

Full-dictionary course -

Also, to anyone who speaks Icelandic, don't be afraid to apply to the Duolingo Incubator. Just select the apply to contribute button, and when it asks you the language you wish to work on, click the last option 'add another' and write Icelandic.

Takk fyrir and happy learning.

Arrgh, it's incredibly annoying to feel useless, since I have no clue about Icelandic... Apart from the fact that I will jump onto that course the moment it's live :) Fingers crossed, guys, please make that happen!

I would really like the chance to learn Icelandic as well, I keep checking to see if it has been started yet, but it's good to see others are pushing for it too. I do hope we don't have to wait toooo much longer!

Does anyone know why Duolingo doesn't just hire people to do it? I guess there are probably some complicated international labor laws which prevent it. Though, I'm sure there are native speakers somewhere in the United States.

Please, Icelandic would be incredible!


Iceland seems very decent country, now they become even more popular with Sigur Ros & Game of Thrones scene and their success in football against England. Demand will increase, please hear us!

One year later - "this course is not started".

Duolingo... BLAH. I love the platform but I despise the management. They're garbage.

The trouble is that there don't appear to be any icelanders that want to contribute. I can't imagine the developers/contributors get paid, so where is the motivation to develop the course? I've been waiting for a long time, gave up, and just went with Transparent Languages. Not as convenient as duolingo, and a fair chunk of change....

Actually, Icelandic and Finnish people have offered to contribute. The Finns for about 3 years since and the Icelanders for about a year since. They've been completely ignored, from what I've heard.

Presumably because Duolingo has a serious mismanagement problem, or something. I really don't know what's wrong with them. People are offering to help and they don't seem interested anymore.

I guess that's because they're too busy getting cosy with Pearson...

jaja enig, jag vill gärna studera islandska ochså :)

Yeah,I want Islandic too!!!

Yesssss, I would totally do that!!!

Guys really. Go to memrise until we get a duolingo course á íslensku. There are a lot of other sources for learning languages free

Is there an Icelandic course on memrise? Signing up to memrise right NOW!

See what you're missing, Duo? No Icelandic course, more users going to memrise.

Já þau hafa íslensku ;) Leittu eftir "Beginner's Icelandic" sem hefur ca. 1650 orð :)

Yes, I've signed up to Memrise because of Icelandic and now I'm also using to reinforce my Spanish. :)

I've never really liked Memrise. Honestly, Duolingo is the only site that I regularly come back to, which is why I sorely want Icelandic here!

True, but if Duolingo can add Klingon, then they can definitely start the incubator for Icelandic already. There are already several native Icelandic speakers who have agreed to help translate.

Like what?? Duolingo is fun and free!

Memrise is fun and free as well :)

Really, really hoping to learn Icelandic from Duolingo in the near future!

I would love to learn Icelandic again - I haven't spoken it since I was 8. It's a hard language to master, but is a great gateway language phonetically - if you learn Icelandic, learning how to pronounce German and other Slavic languages is a breeze.

I would love to learn Icelandic!!!

+1 for icelandic!

Icelandic is one of three languages I'm passionate about learning. Now that Japanese has been added and I've found ASL courses in my hometown there's just one language I'm desperately waiting on. I would love so much to be able to connect this way with my family's roots, and learn Islenska

Funny thing is, im reading this comment a year later and there is still no Icelandic on duolingo.

Duo now has TWO fictional languages on the dang site, yet still no Icelandic, even after multiple native speakers have shown interest in helping put a course together.

It makes no sense! >:(

Here I am 1 year later and Icelandic is not in the incubator yet :( why duolingo why? Not that I don't wanna learn Icelandic from another website or app, but the fact duolingo has two language courses: High Valyrian and Klingon that nobody speaks in real life makes me really disappointed that Icelandic shows no progress. C'mon duolingo, people are actually showing real efforts to contribute and bring Icelandic into the incubator!

Still here. Still hoping.

Hi! Cool. It would be cool if it could come out. Maybe ask a moderator about it or just wait patiently. :)

This has been mentioned many times in the Duo forums and several people have mentioned applying to Duo to help develop a course. It could come tomorrow, but as of now there seems to be nothing in the works.

This post may be helpful.

[deactivated user]

    I personally really want to see Croatian

    I think Duo should lay out some formal criteria on how to get a new language added, and a list of what they planned to add and when.

    I love Duo, and the work of the staff, but please a little more transparency would be nice.

    Yes. There are several languages that people are asking for, myself included, and that people say they've applied to work on with no response. It would be nice to know if there are languages they just don't want to pursue right now so we can all move on! People are frustrated that they want to help on them and Duo doesn't seem to care, then Duo says that they have no translators to make it.

    Maybe there should be an actual request system, in which you could type A for B speakers, and vice versa. Then the requests are all counted up and the one with the most requests and/or contributors can be put in the incubator. That's just an idea of mine, though.

    I'd love to see Serbian since it's my mother language ,but I know very little.

    One more vote for Icelandic

    I would like to learn icelandic on Duolingo as well..

    same tttt (to tell the truth)

    I am a native, but im not sure what youre struggling with.

    We all really want an Icelandic course add to the site!

    I think it is partially because of the relatively low number of native speakers that are able and willing to contribute to the creation/incubation of the course, and maybe because Duolingo doesn't have or want to allocate the resources to it.

    I have posted on Reddit asking for people to apply to be contributors :

    But to no avail. ):

    I have talked to one native speaker and convinced him to apply. I also have two friends who lived there for two years and currently teach Icelandic in a classroom setting. One of them said he'd look into it. Maybe I need to remind him.

    What is astonishing to me is that something like Klingon (currently in the Incubator) has made it on to Duolingo before Icelandic...

    THANK YOU. Seriously, can we just trade Klingon for Icelandic?

    I mean, it's super cool that fictitious/constructed languages are given a chance here too. But I feel that with such a vast number of natural languages in existence with significant numbers of native speakers, and with amazing cultures associated therewith, that it's unfortunate that not much progress has been made for the release of a number of natural languages.

    It is kind of sad that people that people can learn "rIn Ha'DIbaH buD Sup fox Qapchu' Doq 'ej wovbe'", but not "Fljóti brúni refurinn hoppar yfir lata hundinn."

    It's actually "Fljóti brúni refurinn" not "Fljótur brúnn refurinn" ^^

    Thanks for the correction :) It's been awhile since I really got into all the declension and conjugation and such.

    And I forgot to decline "fljótur" and "brúnn", didn't I?

    Ok, it's fixed. And again, thanks for the notice :)

    That is Exacly what I thought!

    I would love to learn Icelandic! I'm learning German, Dutch, Swedish and Danish, but I also need Icelandic. Germanic languages are my favorite ones. Please add it, so we all can learn the oldest and richest language of the Germanic family: Íslenska. =)

    I agree, I love the Germanic languages. I recommend trying Norwegian too since you like Germanic languages, it's the best combination of appearing very similar to written Danish & sounding pretty similar to spoken Swedish. That being said, I'd love for Icelandic to be added (Faroese would be cool too but that's never going to happen lol)

    Just saw this article today. Even more reason to get Icelandic on Duolingo!

    "Icelanders Worry That Voice Commands Will Kill Their Native Language"

    I was just in Iceland for vacation and as more tourists begin to visit there the more people will want to learn this language. I felt like I was missing a lot without knowing the language

    please get Icelandic. In Iceland, it has one of the most amazing history's and this country has so many details

    It wuild be great to see Icelandic

    ok. i am interested in helping out. but i am a beginner. how does one contribute?

    I don't know at what level you have to be in order to help with the course, but here's the link where you can sign up:

    Ekkert að þakka!

    I would contribute to an Icelandic course!

    I plan on going next year and want to learn Icelandic. It's one of the most popular places to visit so it should be on the list. I was surprised not to find it.

    Duolingo links to this post under "Icelandic"

    Please upvote and comment this above mentioned post as well. Source: (under Icelandic)

    Do it Duo! I have waited for this course for years now.

    Yes!! Please add an Icelandic for English speakers Duolingo!

    There are resources that aid in learning icelandic on memrise, tinycards, and Icelands government site. I've been equally bothered by the lack of the language here. I am hoping to dedicate myself to learning the language and attempting to incubate it here. If someone beats me or else joins in on helping then all the better. I'll see what I can do

    Please add the Icelandic language to Duolingo!

    I am EAGERLY awaiting Icelandic on Duolingo. I’m going to give Icelandic Online a try (already linked in this thread, but here it is again:, but using the Duolingo app on my iPhone is so much a part of my daily routine already. It’s SUCH a beautiful language, and Iceland is such an amazing country. Add Icelandic to Duolingo!!! Pleeeeeeeeaase!

    i want its so bad too

    I would love to learn Icelandic! very beautiful language!

    Somebody please do an Icelandic course, that would be awesome.

    I know I'm a bit late to this, but I'd like to voice support for such a course. I am smitten with both the language and the country and would love to be able to learn Icelandic on duolingo.

    I found a language/app (paid) with a very basic Icelandic course: Memrise. I've been using it lately also for Spanish.

    I'm a norwegian with my mother being a Canadian from Gimli manitoba so natuarlly she's got icelandic heritage and whenever i visit that cozy little town and meeting my relatives and friends of the family allot of them either know some icelandic or their kids/parrents are fluent speakers of it. I even refer to my canadian grandparrents as "amma" and "afi"

    i would love to have the language on duolingo as it's too different from norwegian for me to learn it :( shame we didnt have it in school

    I'm trying to open a Q&A website on stackexchange for all nordic languages. Including Icelandic. It would really help if you participate in this Q&A website.

    I have many relatives who know many languages. I know a few that havent been on duolingo and contributed to scottish gaelic and a few others. One of my brothers knows icelandic

    please add icelandic!

    I don't know if you've lost interest because well its been a year or if there is a age limit on helping making a corse but I would be happy to help and i know a guy who could also help!

    i agree it would be great if they added Icelandic,i'm visiting Iceland at some point in the future and it would be great if i could speak to the locals in there own language,please duolingo add it.

    Please please add Icelandic! It's such a beautiful language and so few people speak it.

    I also wait for icelandic. <3

    Yes please! Years later still make this happen!

    I went through the free course taught by Alaric Hall and found it very helpful:

    Yes!!! Please Icelandic

    I am from Iceland I just came here 2 years ago and I'm currently learning Icelandic from school but I also wanna learn Icelandic at home and online please make the Icelandic language pls Make IT HAPPEN

    Yes please!

    I tried to learn it on my own but its really difficult, i would love for it to be available here! :)

    You have my vote! We need icelandic in Duolingo!

    Yes, I hope we get Icelandic in the future!

    Or the present. :P

    OMG I WANT ICELANDIC!! I have been wanting to learn Icelandic for quite awhile now but I can't find anything good enough to learn :(.

    Try icelandiconline, it's funded by the University of Iceland and it gives you a basic understanding about Icelandic, I personally love it.

    Thank you for the recommendation, great source!

    Yesss! I would absolutely love to learn Icelandic!

    Hell yes Lets get it happening


    It would be really awesome to learn icelandic here... !

    please just make it happen

    It's so strange that you can learn "sample bIngDaq ghItlh leghlu'" but not "sýnishorn texta" #goicelandic are we going to move to star trek land? no! #killklingon

    Is there more information about the progress?

    Huh. Strange thing - for some reason I thought Icelandic was already on Duolingo. I think I thought one of these other flags was Icelandic flag and got my wires crossed thinking about these other Nordic languages. Bummer. Well, I already started Norwegian because I did not see Icelandic on the app and preferred using my phone at the time. Good news is I also love Norwegian and it's one of the easiest languages if not the easiest I've studied so far.

    I've preemptively created a Facebook group for Icelandic Duolingo! Feel free to join. Will be looking for a native Icelander to join the moderation team if this takes off. :)

    Icelandic is one of the languages I want to learn. I have one Icelandic Learning book that is in English, but you are right. Icelandic learning resources are very hard to find.

    Has any progress been made on this? Or is this now a dead thread?

    I hope it’s not dead

    The thread isn't dead, but Duo hasn't so much as attempted to create a course as far as I know :(

    How do I learn old norse before learning icelandic?

    There are some good textbooks out there for English speakers. The most classic is Gordon's "An Introduction to Old Norse", but Byock's new "Viking Language" series has received some pretty great reviews. From what I have read, it looks like many think it's the best available option, so that's the one I'm probably going to use as my main studying guide. It's also accompanied by some audio lessons with readings from Old Norse sources.

    I approached it with several methods:

    1. I took a course when I was in university (but that's not available to everyone)
    2. I studied E.V. Gordon's "An Introduction to Old Norse"
    3. I studied Michael Barnes' "A New Introduction to Old Norse" (available in book form, or in PDF for free online)
    4. Finally, I have been reading through "Viking Language" by Jesse L. Byock.

    Guys use the colloquial Icelandic book. You can find a free PDF of an older edition and you can get its audio on the colloquial languages website.

    I want to learn it so bad

    I would love to learn Icelandic I hope it is available one day

    Icelandic HECK YEAH !!! Me wants it good, thanksies .... seriously I've been trying to find a good language course for Icelandic for months now, and would REALLY appreciate it, if I could find it here and learn it with DUO


    I really hope Duolingo gives us an Icelandic course eventually

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