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I finished my Dutch tree! Now what?

I finished my Dutch tree today! Yay! I will obviously keep working on my tree to keep it gold, but I don't want to stop here. I'm wondering if anyone has other Dutch courses they'd recommend? I know the usual advice: watch t.v, listen to music, talk to natives. I'm just wondering if there are other good courses online, preferably interactive ones. ^_^

January 16, 2016



I know you don't want to hear this but--

Talk to natives! All the people I've made friends with have been very helpful.

Read books! If you're willing to pay, pottermore.com has the entire Harry Potter series available as Dutch e-books. Just click shop, click on the books you want to buy, and then select Dutch under 'book language'. I'm going through the first book now, and it's a fun and effective way to train your reading ability and increase your vocabulary.

http://www.routledgetextbooks.com/textbooks/colloquial/dutch.php The colloquial Dutch book series offers the audio for free, so you can make use of that.

As for any good courses, maybe there are, but it's really hard to make a good course. Nothing beats learning 500-1000 words and just going at it talking/texting natives, reading books, watching shows, and so on.


Oh, and I forgot to add--

Succes! En veel plezier. :)


Great advice! Dank je wel. I have been watching some shows, reading some books, and talking to a native speaker. I've got nothing against those things. I have heard of Routledge before, but I haven't tried it. I will check into it. I suppose I will check into frequency word lists on Memrise as well.

Have a few lingots for your helpful answer. ^_^



Als je wilt oefenen met schrijven, kun je op www.polyglotclub.com teksten schrijven in het Nederlands. Die teksten worden dan door moedertaalsprekers nagekeken en verbeterd. Ik schrijf daar af en toe een tekst en ik leer er erg veel van. En misschien vind jij het wel leuk om de teksten die mensen in jouw moedertaal schrijven te verbeteren. :)


Die website ziet er cool uit! Ik zal het bekijken. ^_^


*Die website ziet er cool uit! Ik hoop dat je er wat aan hebt. ^^


Bedank voor de correctie.

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If you want to stay on DL, there's still the reverse tree for you to tackle. :)


Natuurlijk! I forgot to mention that I was planning to do that as well. ^_^


Gefeliciteerd! Goed gedaan.


Congratulations! I just finished my tree too. Dutch is the first new language I've studied since high school, and the only one I've gotten this far with, so I'm pretty happy about that. Thanks so much to the Dutch team for creating such an engaging (and entertaining) course!

I've found listening to music to be a great way to supplement Duo's exercises. There's a post from Susande with numerous links in this old thread. So far, Boudewijn de Groot is the only artist I've found who makes music I'd normally listen to if I weren't trying to learn a language, but there's surely more good stuff out there. :)

Alfred J. Kwak (referenced in one of the Feelings exercises) and Lelieblad's Harry Potter link also look interesting. Misschien zal ik een nieuwe kindertijd in Nederlands maken!

Sorry if I've digressed a bit, I didn't think it was worth creating a whole new thread.


Gefeliciteerd on finishing your tree! Music is a great way to enjoy the Dutch language. I really like listening to Kenny B. He's got kind of a reggae style. It's worth it to find the artists you would listen to even if you weren't learning, because it helps you get more into the music and enjoy the language more. ^_^

I don't remember Alfred J. Kwak being mentioned, but I will definitely look him up. :)


I haven't heard of Kenny B before, I'll check his stuff out. Bedankt!


i don't know if playing computer games online would appeal to you (they are not all shoot-em-ups) i often find a really good international community via gaming. i remembered i enjoyed learning french when i was much younger, before school messed it up for me. There are also people who stream their gaming through a medium called twitch, i have heard dutch, french and german natives wherever i have gone in the gaming world


Games do appeal to me. I've been playing De Sims 2 (The Sims 2 in Dutch) and it's been really great for reading practice. I've learned quite a few words that might not come up in a course. ^_^


Hi! You can also use http://livemocha.com/, the levels are basic. But you can leave your exercices, reading, listening and other users grade you.

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