"Your dessert is there."

Translation:Ваш десерт там.

January 16, 2016


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Can anyone tell me why i should use ваш instead of ваша? Thanks :)

January 16, 2016

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    Ukrainian nouns have one of three genders assigned: feminine (e.g. ло́жка 'spoon', ви́лка 'fork', скатерти́на 'table-cloth'), masculine (e.g. стіл 'table', ніж 'knife') or neuter (e.g. моро́зиво 'ice-cream', пе́чиво 'pastry').

    «Ва́ша» is used for feminine nouns, «ваш» for masculine, and «ва́ше» is for neuter nouns. In plural, the adjective is «ва́ші» regardless of the noun gender. Note that most adjectives change their form like this: e.g. нова́ ло́жка 'new spoon', нови́й стіл 'new table', нове́ пе́чиво 'new pastry'.

    You'd have to learn the genders of the nouns, at least at first. Later you'll be able to guess them by looking at the end of the word (for example, most words ending in -а or -я are feminine).

    January 16, 2016


    Дякую. Very helpful explanation. I think my first step is going to be to stop thinking in Portuguese, because nouns do not have the same gender in every language. "Sobremesa" in my language is feminine and for some reason I thought десерт would be feminine too. hehehe. Thanks a lot for making it clear.

    January 16, 2016


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    May 17, 2019


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    July 14, 2019
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