Descending order bug in display of all courses

Note: This is a minor bug that is harmless but I'm reporting it because I'm surprised to see a glitch appear in what should normally be a trivial operation to sort courses by enrolment size.

I was looking at the “All courses” display and noticed that English for Turkish speakers is appearing before English for German speakers in the list, even though the Turkish speakers course has 4.00 million enrolments and the German speakers one has 4.65 million enrolments. A screen shot makes it clear.

You can see on the second line where the English for Turkish speakers course appears out of order by enrolment number.

I checked the enrolments numbers on the respective course pages in the Incubator and they are the same as shown above.

Update: A day later and the Turkish speakers course is now showing 5.01 M users and the German speakers course is showing 4.66 M users. So it appears the bug was in displaying 5.00 M as 4.00 M for some reason and the sort was actually working correctly (with the right figures).

January 16, 2016


It is only a bug if you assume that it is meant to be ordered in some way.

January 16, 2016

It does follow a specific pattern in all of the other panels, being that the courses are arranged by number of speakers.

January 16, 2016
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