"Noszę płaszcz."

Translation:I wear an overcoat.

January 16, 2016

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'I am wearing a coat' was not accepted.


Thanks for the link to your clear explanation


I put "I'm wearing an overcoat." and it was marked as incorrect. What did I do wrong?


I am wearing I wear Both should be accepted.


I am wearing an overcoat was not accepted


Is "plaszcz" already in accusative form? And if it isn't then why isnt it?. And if it is then what is it in nominative?


It is Accusative here, and Nominative is identical. Masculine inanimate nouns have the same form of Accusative and Nominative.


a mantle is is archaic and is "a sleeveless cloak or shawl"


What is the difference between a jacket and a coat. I was marked wrong using jacket. It said the correct answer was "mantle"!!!!!


Overcoat is a piece of clothing you put over (on top of) other pieces of clothes:

jacket - short type of the overcoat (eg. kurtka, marynarka, żakiet, wiatrówka)
coat - long type of the overcoat (płaszcz jesienny, zimowy, przeciwdeszczowy)


The best answer is "overcoat". "coat" is accepted, as some of the results in Google Graphics do look like "płaszcz". Most of them are rather a "kurtka", though.

Generally, "płaszcz" is longer than "kurtka".


It is like in Russian. "Kurtka" in Russian will be "Куртка" too. Is it "płaszcz" in Russian "пальто"?


The word "плащ" exists and seems to mean the same in Russian. But so does "пальто", from what Google Graphics shows me.

Polish has the word "palto", but I think it's kinda colloquial and not that common.


what is the difference between a coat and a overcoat, how am I to know if that person is wearing a coat or an overcoat or raincoat???


nosze plaszcz with the polish letters literally means I am wearing a coat/ raincoat therefore the page should accept both answers


Raincoat is płaszcz przeciwdeszczowy in Polish. "Płaszcz" is a general word for any kind of coat. I don't think "I'm wearing a raincoat" should be accepted as a translation here.


Noszę płaszcz [to carry or to wear]. so am I carrying a coat or wearing a coat,


I think it was you who asked about differences betwen 'nosić' and 'mieć na sobie'? So here actually 'I am wearing' is acceptable, tops (I wouldn't accept it personally but we didn't teach 'mieć na sobie'). The default sentence will now be "I wear".

And while some people would say that "I am wearing" is fine, for sure "I am carrying" is not. I deleted it from the accepted answers.

So to have it in one place:

to wear (generally) = nosić

to be wearing (right now) = mieć na sobie, although we still accept 'nosić' here

to carry (generally) = nosić

to be carrying (right now) = nieść


If it's to wear something "generally" then the examples with nosić should use plural nouns. Using singulars doesn't make sense in English, and I've confirmed it with natives that it also doesn't in Polish.


Is my memory faulty or was it once an acceptable answer to give "coat"? This is maddening as these words are the exact same thing. "Overcoat" is redundant and antiquated.


What exactly is an "overcoat"? А redingote? In Bulgarian the word that is cognate with Polish płaszcz, плащеница, means something like a tunic or even а shroud, which I doubt is what the Polish word refers to (unless the speaker is actually John Rambo and he has gone again on a vengeance streak in the forest).


I don't precisely know what overcoat is but as for płaszcz:


The sound for płaszcz seems to have a "t" sound at the end of the word. Is it not like the Russian "щ" which doesn't have a such a sound?


The sound "cz" sometimes is written in English as "tsch" (more often: "ch"), so I guess there is some similarity to "t", but it's definitely not "t" itself.


why is i am wearing a overcoat not accepted

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