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Would it be possible for Team Polish to let us know when/where grammar notes are added?

I know I really need to revise some of the skills with tips and notes, so that I'm not just guessing. Would it be at all possible for the team to post, either in a new thread or in one of the existing ones "Hey, we added tips and notes to , have fun!"

I'm usually on the app (because the website is kind of awkward to use from my tablet, and I don't always have access to anything else!), which doesn't have the tips and notes, and currently the only way I can find out where tips and notes exist is by opening individual skills on the website and hoping one of them will have new notes!

It would be SO helpful to occasionally have a notification of which skills have been updated to have notes does pleading face

January 16, 2016


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I'm thinking of creating a dedicated thread on the forums for that purpose. What do you think?

By the way: do not expect Tips & Notes to arrive very soon. The examination session is upon us and we're kinda drowning in work... I might be able to write the T&N for Adjectives soon, but can't promise anything. Sorry! We'll be back in February.


I think that would be brilliant! And honestly, I'm less concerned about the time frame - because real life > Duolingo; as long as I knew where to look to see if anything had been updated, I personally would be a very happy bunny :D

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The T&N section for Adjectives 1 is here!

Also, be sure to check this thread for further updates on the T&N progress: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12248493


Brilliant, you're a star!


See this made a HUGE difference thank you. I was stuck and having some explanations moved me on...but I am stuck again a couple lessons later for the same reason. How long do you think it can be realistically before the rest of the course has explanations? I was so excited to do a section or two daily but now feel frozen and have lost my momentum.


Where did you get stuck? I could give you some explantions or point out some good resources. You can also create a new thread about the subject you don't understand and other users could help you.


While I appreciate the thoughtful offer, having to stop, post or write asking for help, wait for the help, hope the help makes sense etc is too awkward and breaks the momentum. Having a simple explanation to look over before the lesson, and then to look back to when you mess up and understand your errors, is what really helped.

I made it to "adjectives" but stopped as there were no explanations and I was back into the guessing game. After I figured out adjectives I tried to get back into it but the next 4 levels I completed had no explanations. 3 of those 4 were just guesses as there was grammar I need to know to understand them..only one of those levels was simple to sort intuitively based on previous lessons and context.

It doesn't look like there will be explanations for any further levels at this point so until the course is completed (IF it will be because some earlier levels don't have explanations either and were stopping points until I got someone to answer and help) I am unable to proceed.

I understand this is a volunteer project and am very grateful for the developers work. I just wish it was filled in so that I could keep up my enthusiasm rather than stalling out. I had the same problem with Pimsleur as they have great programs but put out Polish I like 10 years ago and haven't moved forward even with the second level let alone a full set.


It's literally a guessing game for me T^T


I totally agree with you, it's the guessing game haha. Which is not that bad because it makes you think and understand by yourself how the grammar works, but for a language like Polish, I think at least some basic explanations may help us out... :)

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