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I tested out of the basics, now I'm expected to know words that I never learned

I'm using Duolingo to refresh my Spanish but I'm pretty fluent in the basics, so I took the shortcut to pass all the lessons up to the first lock. There were one or two words I didn't recognise on the test but I was able to guess their meaning, and I passed on the first try.

Now I'm occasionally encountering other words that I haven't been introduced to at all yet, which is a little frustrating (one example was "etapa" for "stage", also a number of the "occupations" words). Some of them are now listed as being in my mid-term memory in the vocabulary list; I'm not convinced they really are.

I'd prefer if the initial test had covered all the relevant words, to identify which areas I'm fluent in and where I need more practice, even if it takes longer.

I'm going back and redoing some of the lessons to pick up those words I didn't know, but that means I'm back to my initial problem of being repeatedly drilled on the present tense conjugations of "caminar" and "comer" and other things that are so familiar to me they're boring. There should be a way to strike a better balance.

January 14, 2013



I suppose they can't test you on every single word though or the initial test would be much longer than it is, no?


yeah, once you pass a level, then all words in the lessons below should be made available, not just the ones you have encountered in the tests.

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