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"We are buying a trip to a different country."

Translation:Kupujemy wycieczkę do innego kraju.

January 16, 2016



What is the difference between podroz and wycieczke? Is podroz unacceptable in this context?


'podróż' - journey (an act of travelling from one place to another)

'wycieczka' - excursion (a short journey or trip, especially one taken as a leisure activity)

Of the two, 'journey' seems more general. You can say e.g. 'Journey by train took 2 hours' - 'Podróż pociągiem trwała dwie godziny'.


Thanks, so would podroz make sense here, or would something one buys always be a wycieczka?


I don't think you can't buy a "podróż". You can buy a "wycieczka", but you can organise a "wycieczka" on your own as well.


So, then, one can buy a podroz?


Hmm, technically perhaps it might be slightly weird if you think about it deeply because "podróż" is indeed more about the time spent while travelling however the simple fact that I as a native speaker automatically used this word in the above sentence means that it's not uncommon for us to switch between "wycieczka" and "podróż" in many contexts. After all, had it been a round the world trip, we'd more likely have said "Kupujemy podróż dookoła świata".


I think I am beginning to get it.


How does "wyprawa" fit into the discussion?


Dostępne są następujące opcje : 1. "Kupujemy wycieczkę przy innego kraju." 2. "Kupujemy wycieczkę do innego kraju." 3. "My kupujemy wycieczkę do innego kraju." Wybralam 2 i 3. dlaczego jest trzecia opcja zla? Dzieka


może nie zauważyłaś czegoś ? to co napisałaś jako 3. jest dobre.


I still don't get it... So: Chcę idę na podróż,dlaczego kupuję wycieczkę?


"Chcę idę na podróż"? I'm afraid that it doesn't make much sense in Polish... what is your doubt exactly?


Well, I don't understand the difference between podróż and wycieczki... I pretended to say : I want to go on a trip, so I buy a... Well, a ticket trip... I normaly read the questions and answers to understand but in this case it made me more confused...


Hmm... "podróż" and "wycieczka" may be quite similar, but I wouldn't say that I can buy a "podróż" in a travel agency. It means "a travel" or rather "a journey".

"wycieczka" would be rather "a trip" and you can certainly buy those.

As for "Chcę idę", that's like "I want I am going" or something like that :/ "chcieć" needs either a noun phrase or a verb in infinitive. So it would be "chcę iść", only that... "iść" means that you will only walk during this trip, so let's say you are in some village in the mountains and "idę na wycieczkę po górach" - I will walk there.

"chcę jechać" is more probable, as you will need some vehicle.


Tak, rozumiem! Dziękuję bardzo!

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