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"What is the relationship between past and future?"

Translation:Jaka jest relacja pomiędzy przeszłością a przyszłością?

January 16, 2016



Między vs. Pomiędzy?


Mean the same. Perhaps 'pomiędzy' is more appropriate for being literally between something, as 'między' does indeed sound better to me here.


The suggested correction is for the part of the answer supplied. Jaki is corrected to Jaka


when < and> is < a > and when it is < i >


"i" is the basic one, for listing things.

"a" is used to shown contrast, "and" often can be substituted with "but" then.

This is a rare example of a situation in which both make sense and mean more or less the same.


Jaka relacja jest pomiędzy przeszłością a przyszłością? was rejected. Is swapping the order very wrong?


My first thought is that instead of "What is the relationship" it says "What (kind of) relationship is", and you know how we feel about changing the subject.

My second thought is that I am not sure if I would phrase it like that, although for sure it isn't 'very wrong'.


why not związek instead of relacja? I saw somewhere "związek między wykształceniem a zarobkami". Związek is not only for personal relationships.


Please explain what is wrong with "Jaki jest związek pomiędzy przeszłością i przyszłością"


"Związek" is of course totally fine. We didn't include the conjunction "i", which is less common with (po)między, but still correct. Added now.


It's quite philosophical that "past" and "future" have only one tiny difference... just sharing!

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