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  5. "Nie wiem, co bym chciał."

"Nie wiem, co bym chciał."

Translation:I do not know what I would like.

January 16, 2016



A question about something I have been wondering. The use of commas seems to be different from English. Why is a comma used in this Polish sentence?


It introduces the second clause.


i would want? makes no sense in english


Yeah... changed to "I would like".


"would like" and "would want" mean pretty much the same except that "like" would be more polite as to "want" having the connotation of a demand. Subtle but a difference with either being acceptable. My original question had to do with English not using a comma before a dependent (subordinate) clause but uses one after the dependent clause if it comes before the independent clause. Is a comma used in either case in Polish.
Mine is not so much a translation question but a punctuation question.


A comma is standard in Polish in sentences like this, and also where "że" is involved. "Myslę, że..."

There's some detail here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_orthography#Punctuation

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