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My class is having so much fun using Duolingo. However, one of my students is way ahead of the rest of my class! Is there a way to assign things for just one student?

January 16, 2016


[deactivated user]

    The only way is to move that student into his own classroom, and assign it there.


    Unfortunately, not at the moment, but this is great feedback for us to hear. Can you share more about how you're using Duolingo with your class?


    I have a student who already was learning Italian, and a student who just started. I had hoped I could assign separate skills for each individual, because right now I can only assign XP goals. Thankfully, I have grouped students of similar abilities together to help avoid this conflict. I would love to be able to assign different assignments to different individuals in the same classroom, but I know Duolingo is busy making so many other improvements. Thanks Duolingo :)

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