"Small dinner"

Translation:Mała kolacja

January 16, 2016

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Kolacja - dinner? Lunch - obiad?

  • 1575

• pl lunch = en lunch = meal at noon

• pl obiad = en dinner = main meal of the day

• pl kolacja = en supper = meal in the evening

The English term “dinner” can be used for lunch/supper depending on cultural context, because people have different habits in the world for when to eat their main meal.

The combination “small dinner” is a bit contradictory, because the main meal of the day should be bigger than the other meals. However “mała kolacja” is fine. It's just not an equivalent translation.


Breakfast śniadania Dinner/lunch obiad Supper/tea kolacja


Can somebody please help on what form of "Duz_" and "Mal_" to use for certain words?


duży/mały - masculine

duża/mała - feminine

duże/małe - neuter


I think maybe Ellis meant: it's hard to know whether some things are masculine, feminine, or neuter when they are new words. For example, meals.

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